From Turkey to Idlib are multi-kilometer columns of Turkish equipment, military say

Russian Centre of reconciliation of the warring parties said large-scale movement of Turkish military equipment. In the area of de-escalation Idlib moving long columns of armored vehicles and trucks with ammunition.

In turn, the data on hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing the war to the Turkish-Syrian border, do not correspond to reality, said the head of TSPVS Oleg Zhuravlev.

on the Contrary, the terrorists are using civilians as human shields and do not allow them to leave the region by the Russians through organized humanitarian corridors.

Zhuravlev said that Russian experts are constantly monitoring the situation with drones, working “hot” telephone line, analysts are browsing information on social networks.

Recall that on February 20 the situation with Syria has deteriorated. The terrorists supported by the Turkish artillery broke through the defense of the government army and seized the town of Nairab. Russian HQs have supported the Syrian armed forces: su-24 bombers attacked the terrorists.