From the Sumerians to Gorbachev: Ukrainian Ministry of culture ordered a crazy clip about the history of the Nenko

Ukraine is the age of the Earth. The story, concocted by order of the Kiev Ministry of culture. Even in the West. Something’s not right.

“high-Speed journey through the Pantheon of Ukrainian heroes” — the words of a columnist for the American magazine “the new Yorker”, who suddenly found a striking example of Ukrainian propaganda. Talking about the movie, which is as short as possible to describe the history of Ukraine and the world — under the provocative hip-hop.

Shot by order of the Ministry of culture. The clip, apparently, was so surprised Western journalists that his detailed analysis dedicated to the whole material.

And no wonder. In fact, it turns out that “Ukraine appeared simultaneously with the Earth”. That is, immediately after the Big Bang. It was with him begins the historical process. In the American journal of the absurd called “the mystical aspect of nationalism.” But even in such correct formulation — looked through obvious skepticism.

Should give credit to the columnist was not spared outright lies which was written in the Ukrainian Express history. For example, the glorification of the UPA (banned in Russia) is called “controversial,” because “these groups were engaged in ethnic cleansing”.

five-minute video is more like a trip to the “land of unlearned lessons”. Immediately explain the facts there are problems, no serious historian did not want to disassemble the contents of this “masterpiece”.

Apparently, the authors of the project “because the memory” to the historical memory of any problems. They fought with Byzantium, their literature was born when Pushkin still say not started. It is in this great country invented the T-34 and defeated Hitler. In General, “for the invention of five, and on the subject unsatisfactory”.

“We see here the attempt to create, as in any ideological matrix, the story is consistent, short, black and white, brightly arrayed in one vector. DLI make this the product to cook, literacy is absolutely not necessary. Big. The scheme in my head have need. No need to think that people that do it, I want to say that they are the bearer of truth. They don’t believe in what they do,” — says Sergei Solovyov, editor of the magazine “Skepticism”, chief specialist of the Russian state archive of socio-political history.

Someone may argue. Like, why pick on ordinary music video. Do not owe the authors a good understanding of history. All anything, but the roller are made by order of the Ministry of information policy. Artists even call themselves rappers, but has long been noticed in close connections with government contracts.

Even in the “Ridna movu”, as they say, the guys in the band IRTC moved not just. They started just on Russian language. But, apparently, from some far, such creativity is monetized better. In General, not talent, so even patriotism.

a Simple bit monotonous recitative, but what a love for Ukraine. This and Gogol himself would envy, by the way, just to him the Ukrainian citizenship of the rappers refused. Apparently not to those political views was Nikolai. But the nationalists have not forgotten. And even someone attributed.

social networks have already offered to replace that rap-a lecture course for school history. Indeed, why waste paper and time when everything is so clearly explained. The proposal was made is a joke, but from this Wonderland you can expect anything.