Doctors of the Ishim hospital for the first time in his practice had to be extracted from the stomach of the patient plug.

“In the morning of 26 July in the emergency Department of the Regional hospital №4 on “fast” have brought 26-year-old girl. She told the doctors that he ate too much and tried to induce vomiting, using metal Cutlery,” – said Jeanne Shults, press Secretary of the medical institution.

She couldn’t hold a fork, and she slid down the esophagus.

x-rays showed that using an endoscope, the device does not get it, so the patient was operated on urgently. All took just 35 minutes.

“the Girl was lucky: the sharp prongs of the fork from damaging the stomach wall (this could cause peritonitis or gastrointestinal bleeding), says Surgeon Taleh Yusifov. – In my practice for the first time to retrieve such foreign object from the stomach of a woman”.

Tyumenka continues to be treated in the surgical Department. Her life is not in danger.