“during a planned tactical exercise unit of marine corps troops and forces in North-East Russia for the first time made a landing parachute on a strange landing on the commander Islands. The goal of landing an air landing was the redeployment of forces to strengthen the defense of military facilities stationed on one of the Islands, to prevent attacks on his reconnaissance and sabotage groups imaginary enemy”, – explained the press service of the Pacific fleet.

it is Noted that during the exercise, Marines performed jumps in full combat gear with a staff weapon. They had been tasked to organize the defense object assigned to tight timescales. The teachings involved the crews of naval aircraft.

the Landing was made from the aircraft An-26. To accomplish task use the latest parachute system “Crossbow”.

the commander Islands located in the Bering sea, near Maritime border with the United States (about 350 km from the Aleutian chain). By the way, in the days of the exercise at Kamchatka “visited” the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Perhaps the Marines wanted to show their skills with an eye to this fact.

a New parachute system “Crossbow-2” joined the Marines Pacific fleet in December 2018. The first jumps of the scouts was made in January 2019.