From the Russian version of the Disney cartoon

Cartoon Cartoon “Forward” will appear in theaters on March 5, 2020
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rolling From the Russian version of the cartoon “Forward”, directed by film studios Disney and Pixar, removed mention of homosexuality of one of the characters. It is reported by “IMDb”.

the Heroine of the picture Cyclops named Range, working COP in one of the conversations talks about the relationship with his girlfriend and their daughter. In the English version of the cartoon character calls his girlfriend “girlfriend”. However, in the Russian dubbing this word was replaced by the neutral “partner”. Disney representative did not respond to a request for Fire.

Previously on “homosexual propaganda” in the cartoon drew the attention of the Deputy Geboren Vitaly Milonov. He proposed a ban on “Forward”.

“Only enemies of our people can allow and endorse the emergence of ideological sabotage in cinemas. Who designed this cartoon? For children with youth want to instill positive thinking on sexual deviance. If this is not propaganda of homosexuality among children, what is this?” – Milonov told RIA “Novosti”.

It also invited the lovers of homosexual love to see these paintings “in their apartment, not imposing their own tastes to the masses”. “I am preparing a letter to the Minister of culture with a request not to allow this picture to a smart hire,” concluded Milon.

to Argue with milonova decided program Director of Big cartoon festival Maria Tereshchenko. In her opinion, the film is about family problems. “I’m not formethyl nothing that is not consistent with our laws, and I know him well. Great movie and it absolutely about other – about the amazing brotherly love, devoted to the critical issue of single-parent families. I seem to find in this kind of a remark, which professiionals with any sexuality, and the film in General is not about that, only the people who don’t see the point, which sharpened some of his threads and everywhere they seek out,” said Tereshchenko.

the Cartoon that caused the scandal to an exit on the Russian screens will appear in theaters on March 5, 2020. It tells the story brothers elves Ian and barley Letfulov who live in a magical world populated by trolls, goblins, dwarves and other fantastic creatures. On the 16th anniversary mom gives Ian a magic staff, inherited from late father. Egged on by an older brother, Ian decides to use the gift to one day return him to the world of the living. But the brothers quickly learn that magic is an unpredictable thing, and could only regain his feet. Now they have 24 hours to find a new source of magic and to restore father.

This is not the first case when foreign films are subjected to the censorship or the struggle to hire because of the presence of LGBT characters.

In the Russian translation of the movie “Avengers: Finale”, which was released in 2019, concealed orientation of the first openly gay in kynoselen Marvel. In dubbing, where the film was screened in Russian cinemas, has removed the mention of one of the characters on a date with a man and changed the dialogues with a hint of their proximity.

In 2019 from the biographical feature film “Rocketman” about the musician Elton John cut scenes of gay sex, drugs, and men with kisses.

In 2017, the Ministry of culture of Russia has assigned an age rating of “16+” adaptation of disney’s “beauty and the Beast”, before it after checking the picture on the subject of availability of propaganda of homosexuality. In the film the character Lefou that helps the main villain Gaston is gay – a first in the history of the movies from Disney.

the Cartoons are censored not just because of the sexuality of the characters, but in that case, if something may resemble Russian or in a negative context to commemorate their leaders. So, in the Russian version of the cartoon “the secret life of Pets 2” changed the nationality of the villain. A cruel circus owner by the name of Sergei, speaking with a pronounced Eastern European accent, the translation was Serge, and his speech sounded French notes.

And in the film 2019 “Hellboy” rental company Megogo Distribution decided to remove the mention of Joseph Stalin. In the original dialogue with the main character Baba Yaga says that she tried to revive the leader of the Soviet people. In the dub it was replaced by Adolf Hitler. Thus in the version in the original language, the words about Stalin just choked.

the image of Stalin, who died in the middle of last century, the modern “Russian censors” more recently, are especially cherished. In January 2018, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation held a private screening of the Comedy the Armando Iannucci “Death of Stalin”, based on the comic of the death of the dictator and a kind of interpreting the events and personalities of the members of the Politburo. The next day after viewing the pictures a number of film and culture appealed to the Ministry with a request to transfer a movie premiere for the summer. As explained in the public Council under the Ministry of culture, thus it was planned to avoid it insulting to veterans of the great Patriotic war the film on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the battle of Stalingrad, which is celebrated on 2 February.

furthermore, lawyers of the Ministry of culture saw in the movie “Death of Stalin” violation of the Russian legislation on the basis of which demanded to withdraw the Comedy the rental license. According to them, the film contains priznaKi extremism: it is supposedly aimed at “the incitement of hatred and enmity, humiliation of Russian (Soviet) people, the propaganda of inferiority of a person on grounds of their social and national belonging”. In the end, the Ministry of culture revoked already issued rental license.

the Image of the Nazi leader also protect from comedic interpretations. Last year, the distributors refused to release on Russian screens the film “Rabbit Jojo” new Zealand Director Taiki of Waititi. The film tells the story of a little German boy Jojo, who lost his father. Due to feelings of loneliness the boy invents an imaginary friend – Adolf Hitler, which is not like the current image of the Nazi. The role of Hitler was performed by the Director and the boy’s mother, played by Scarlett Johansson.

Producer Alexander Rodnyansky expressed regret in connection with this decision. “To suspect him [of Waititi] in contempt of the victims of Nazism or sympathy for Hitler – is simply impossible. Of course, the secret is provocative, but the provocation it offers a meaningful and intelligent conversation about hatred, sympathy, lies and love. “Jojo rabbit” won the most important festival in Toronto the only awarded there prize – a prize of spectator sympathies and, I believe, is no coincidence. The audience heard the important message declared in this bold history, and appreciate it. What a pity that the Russian audience to not do it,” wrote the producer on Instagram.