Mercedes SSKL

He is regarded as the first of the legendary “silver arrows” In may of 1932 taught the 235 km/h fast and over 300 HP strong Mercedes SSKL at the Berlin Avus race, the competition with Manfred von Brauchitsch at the wheel of the Fear. On the basis of photos and old recordings of the classical music Department of Mercedes has built an SSKL with a streamlined body, completely new, and at the Monterey Car Week to the beach of Pebble Beach brought.

McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 is one of the spectacular Road racing cars of the modern era, and is 25 years old. In the mid-90s, more than a hundred of these three-seater-racing car for the road arose hardly. On the racetrack the McLaren F1, with its 680-HP BMW twelve-cylinder engine became a legend and was with 370 km/h top speed as the fastest production car ever. A particularly well-preserved piece of the McLaren F1 LM was sold by RM Sotheby’s in Monterey for 19.8 million dollars.

Porsche type 64

expectations were huge: The auction house RM Sotheby’s first was the only remaining copy of the Porsche type 64 from 1939 – with the famous name at the rear – by more than $ 20 million in revenue. When the Auction started, the bids shot up – “thirty … forty … fifty” to ultimately “seventy million dollars”. The hall was raging – all-time-record! To the auctioneer, at his vague manner of expression, pointed out. He had only to mumble “thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, seventeen,” and had been incorrectly understood. The bid was short of the expectations of the owner – the hybrid of Porsche 356, VW beetle, and a diver’s helmet was not auctioned.

VW ID. Buggy

In Pebble Beach to inspire not only the classics but also the latest Concept Cars and individual pieces. The best example is the VW ID. Buggy, the Volkswagen of a new edition of the Meyers Manxs Buggy can dream of. The Design is as modern as it is unusual, and the open fun-maker is driven as all models of the future of the ID family of electric.

Meyers Manx Buggy

And so the classic looks: Tom Baker brought to the Concours d’Lemons – the choice of the ugliest cars – a remarkable Buggy. The Dune Buggy 1966 since 1969 in the possession of the buggy fans from Woodside, California. Over the years, he has put some money in his open dream car with the 1.2-Liter Boxer in the rear. By contrast, sees the new VW ID added to itself. Buggy old.

Bitter SC

So sexy Opel could be earlier: At the Concours d’Lemons SC this year there were two Bitter. The bottom sheet brave Opel Senator, took the sports coupé is even the formula 1 Safety Car. Only 488 were built in the German Schwelm. The gray copy of Philipp von weitershausen from San Francisco was converted to a race car; the SC on the left in metallic red is wearing intricate leather seats and wood application and cost of 1985 in the USA, shipped instead of 50’000 US dollars.

Drako GTE

never heard of Drako? Makes nothing. The electrical Drako GTE had at “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering,” his Grand appearance. The luxurious four-door is powered by four electric motors with a total of around 1200 HP and over 2000 Nm. The maximum speed: 330 km/h. Similarities with creations from the à la Ferrari are probably not completely random.

Bugatti Centodieci

Who are the Bugatti Chiron is usually, and the single piece of Voiture Noire had the Check against Cristiano Ronaldo, is likely to fall in love with the Centodieci, which celebrated its world premiere in Pebble Beach. But unfortunately, the ten exclusive Hyper sports cars are also awarded. Technically, the Bugatti Centodieci is based on the well-known Hyper sports Chiron car, but with a subtle performance lookup to 1600 HP.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 is a driving legend and one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. A very special model arrived in Monterey at the RM Sotheby’s under the Hammer: The official car of James Bond 007 in the movies “Goldfinger” and “ball of fire”. He not only has the luxurious amenities of the 1960s, but also the Updates of James Bond, Maverick, Q: machine guns, bullet-proof rear window and ejector seat. With this background, he achieved a price of 6.4 million dollars.

Volvo 244 V8

Volvo has always stood for Downsizing. A Volvo 244 from the year 1979. Tom Bird, from San Marcos, the well-known 2.1-Liter engine in the blue sedan, a powerful V8 with a Garrett turbocharger replaced. Engine power: 480 HP. Switched grip is like a Dragster by gun. This not only allows the Volvo Fans in Seaside dreams.