Previously, Anika (36) and Alexander (41) were a happy Couple. But then he was violent and she separated. Thus, the Ex could not accept and pursued them. Until it hospital proposed to you then Mature. Anika report it to the police.

However, the pure Stalking is not a trivial offence, but a criminal Offence, which is covered with money and also with imprisonment is.

the IMAGE explains, how to recognize Stalking, what can be done about it, where there is help, and how to behave in threatening situations.

What is the meaning of Stalking?

The term “Stalking” comes from the English hunting language and means as much as sneaking and circling the prey.

In the 80s was called the behavior of Fans, the celebrities excessively pursued. At first as a curious phenomenon is seen, the image is changed, as it brought the first death of the victims. Today, Stalking is considered to be potentially highly dangerous behavior.

► stalkers are hunters: they pursue, harass and terrorize their victims.

The offender suffer mostly from the loss of control due to a separation, due to incorrectly perceived feelings or see themselves as victims.