life in Germany and many other countries in the world due to the Corona-crisis is currently at a standstill. What time is the strict restrictions of public life, which apply in many places, can be lifted, is unclear. How the everyday locks in times of output and the maximum reduction of social contacts looks like and how this ordeal is affecting the daily life of the people, shows the VOX-documentation “Corona – My life in a state of exception” (Monday, may 6. April, 20.15 Clock).

2019 /Andreas Rentz Teleschau

The two-hour Format that was created in cooperation with Spiegel TV, told from the very different fates. Among other things, a large family with eleven children in the program in focus. Not only the organization of child care provides parents with unexpected challenges. Also, the shopping is to run the gauntlet through the evil looks of the other customers, who accuse the family of the hamster purchases.

farms on the edge of existence

But not only in the private sphere, also in the business, the Virus has already left deep traces. While many companies, such as the fear Bar of Daniel Schmidt to your economic existence, arrives in the disinfection Pro Marcell angel one order after the other. On it enormous pressure, as he describes the accused: “If I make a mistake, lives may be at stake.”

in addition, the creators of the Format, visit the funeral home Dorndorf, where it makes a sharp increase of funerals are liable to be taken. Apart from the signs prominent VOX-faces such as Tim Raue, Detlef and Nicole Steve and Bridal fashion expert Uwe Herrmann your view of the exceptional situation.

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