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the Message that the nine transportflyene land on the military airport Practica di Mare south of Rome, was sent out from the Russian defence ministry in the morning.

Russian sanitetssoldater and experts go on board on the plane that transported them to Italy. Tsjkalovskij military airport, 22. march.

Photo: Alexey Ereshko / AFP

the Ministry also enlightens that there were 100 “military specialists” and have the equipment to fight off the “koronavirus-infection” on board.

It includes, among other mobile equipment to disinfect vehicles and buildings, test equipment and medical experts with experience from fighting off swine flu and Ebola, writes the newspaper the Moscow Times.

Russia has even baptized hjelpeaksjonen “From Russia with Love”, named after a famous James Bond movie from 1963.

Monday, the country also 50 doctors and nurses from Cuba in Milan in Italy. Cuba’s export of health professionals are widely known and are referred to as “medical diplomacy,” writes the BBC.

Help without conditions

the President’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, says that there is talk about the “conditions, calculation or hope” related to the Italian support to get raised the Eu’s sanctions against Russia.

Peskov refers to the fact that Italy needs far more help, and what Russia is doing is “affordable”.

“Cuba’s medical diplomacy”

Before the departure in Havana asked the doctors and nurses up in the gathered crowd in white uniforms, with cuban flag and with a big picture of Cuba’s long-standing, the late leader Fidel Castro.

Cuba is known as a country where health care professionals contribute in many countries. Several thousand doctors and nurses and others in health care participates in outside of Cuba.

the Export of health workers is also becoming an important source of income for the communist regime in Cuba, writes the british broadcaster.

Cuban health workers posing with a picture of Fidel Castro before departing from Havana on Sunday. Monday was the arrived in Milan. They shall assist the Italian health care worker who is overworked and tired of the fight against korona.

Photo: Yamil Lage / AFP

Former cuban health professionals claim that they are utkommandert to other countries after the regime’s discretion.

another assertion that the authorities in Havana have denied is that the health professional retain only 25 per cent of the salary they get, while the government takes the rest, writes the BBC.

Russian numbers: get infected and no one died

The official number of infected in Russia is now 438. The ministry of health and the government has a separate koronanettside where the total number of infected, the infected the last days, died and friskmeldte be updated continuously.

A man infected by the koronaviruset coming out of a ambulansebil outside a hospital in the outskirts of Moscow. The picture is taken 23. march.

Photo: Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

According to this web page is no so far died of koronaviruset. 71 infected in the past day, while 17 have been fresh.

But according to the English newspaper the Moscow Times is the one person the death of the koronaviruset in Russia.

the Russian authorities only use other diagnoses such as pneumonia and acute respiratory tract infection, claiming the doctor Anastasia Vasiljeva, who CNN has spoken with.

Vasiljeva is among other things an advisor to the opposition leader Alexej Navalnyj. The claim that the authorities are trying to hide the mortality of koronaviruset in the country is rejected by the authorities. They claim that the tests lungesyke patients for korona.

Consumers are preparing themselves and stocking up on their toilet paper, also in Russia. The production runs for the full at Syassky paper – and cellulosefabrikk in Syasstroj by Ladogasjøen east of St. Petersburg. The picture is taken 20. march.

Photo: Anton Vaganov / Reuters Closed the borders and extensive testing

Russia closed the border against China already 30. January. Since Russia has closed the border against Iran, the EU, Switzerland and Norway for virtually any without Russian citizenship or permanent address in Russia.

A man is being tested for koronavirus in a mobile laboratory in the vicinity of Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg. From today, 23. march.

Photo: Anton Vaganov / Reuters

the Russian authorities announces today that 165.000 people are tested for koronavirus. The number is from the website of Rospotrebnadzor, a kind of parallel to the Norwegian consumer ombudsman in the Russian federation.

There are four different approved tests in Russia, and from tomorrow there will be 15 laboratories, or “testsentre” that can analyze the emitted samples.

the Mobile phones to be tracked

prime Minister Mikhail Misjustin said today that a system to track people who have been in contact with koronasmittede via mobile phones will be in place in the course of five days.

They will then get the message, and the message that they must go in quarantine.

The regional headquarters for korona-fighting will also get the message about the people who have been in the vicinity of the infected.

some children and relatively young adults in the outskirts of Moscow follows the precautionary principle and protect themselves with masks. The picture is taken today, 23. march.

Photo: Maxim Shemetov / Reuters Moscow: All over 65 must isolate themselves at home or at the cottage

Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobjanin, gave today the order about that all over the age of 65 and people with chronic diseases need “to isolate oneself at home” from this coming Thursday.

They are also urged to avoid visits to the pharmacy, unless it is absolutely necessary.

But they can sit in quarantine at the cottage, or datsjaen, as the russians call it.

All the elderly who follows the order will receive an amount equivalent to 600 million.

Putin except

It is unclear how to verify that anyone over the age of 65 in a city with 12.5 million residents stay indoors.

But president Vladimir Putin (67) are excluded from the order, clarified that from the president’s office.

Mayor Sobjanin has also ruled out the curfew in the Russian capital. He has also promised that the metro will be kept open.

The orthodox church has thrown itself into the fight against the proliferation of koronaviruset. Here from a mass in St. Peter’s monastery in Moscow on Sunday, 22. march. There was very little attendance to the fair.

Photo: Pavel Golovkin / AP the Russian federation prepares

in Spite of the low number of registered infected to now, preparing the Russian authorities that the pandemic will strike harder.

Affected authorities to come up with proposals to export restrictions for food and drugs Law to be changed so that workers who can’t ask on the job not get fired mobile Phones and internet connections to older who do not pay the bill shall not be switched off. Until further will people who do not pay municipal taxes drop fines

But Russia still has millions of people who live below the poverty line and will cause problems if the labour market goes into hibernation, as has been the case in Norway and many other countries.

The rich obtain their own respirator

– We have managed to get us one, and we are trying to get the two of us respiratorer to be a member of the Russian superrike families tell the newspaper The Moscow Times.

An employee washes an empty gym in Moscow. They are also closed as a result of koronaviruset.

Photo: Yuri Kadobnov / AFP

Respiratorer costs 258.600 money with the current exchange rate. Russian public hospitals are well 42.000 respiratorer. So far there are therefore no short supply.

But Russia’s upper classes fear a sharp increase in the number koronasyke in the country. Many chairs do not entirely on that the authorities tell them the truth.

the Russian federation has 146 million inhabitants, it is almost two and a half times as many as Italy.

Italy has 5476 died so far, Russia no.

It’s almost too good to be true. But if it is correct, and the tendency keeps up, is it a riddle for epidomologer and others in the years to come.

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