In the parks, anyone can play tennis and baseball, gymnastics, or play skittles. Sports clusters in the green areas equipped with all necessary equipment. The program “My block” similar sites will be established in different parts of Moscow. Which parks can now surprise even professional athletes — in the material

In Brateevo district in 2018 on the site of a large abandoned site in the program “My district” has opened a Park “Brateevskaya floodplain”. helped develop the Muscovites. The majority of the members voting on the portal “Active citizen” suggested that the sports recreation areas.

For sports activities in the Park include: football field, which in winter turns into a skating rink with artificial ice, a field for mini-football, a Playground for parkour, two workout areas, a skate Park, basketball and two volleyball courts, Playground for table tennis and tennis court, and a Playground for gorodki. Away from the noisy paths, you can find a place for yoga with wooden flooring. Due to the layout of the Park campers do not interfere with each other.

For Cycling paved bike path with a length of 13 kilometers. In the winter it turns into a ski track.

the Main feature of the Park “Brateevskaya floodplain” has become. He made all the rules — in the form of a perfect brilliant, with tribunes, dressing rooms and showers. Here are training Amateur baseball club “Spartak” and games Russian Amateur baseball League. To come to the stadium and play will not work, but you can try to qualify in one of the teams and start training.

In 2019 under the programme “My district” in the village of Vatutinki (settlement Desenovskoe) on the basis of the forest area with the old football pitch has opened a new sports Park.

It has become the center of. In his path paved Jogging paths and the perimeter is placed playgrounds basketball and volleyball. Here equipped a special place for the delivery standards TRP.

Also in the Park “Vatutinki” has a hockey rink, which in summer is used as a field for mini-football, Playground for gorodki, pump track, workout area, a network of Bicycle and pedestrian paths.

a Large choice of sports activities all year round you can find in the Park “Sokolniki”. In winter, there is the section of figure skating. Also in the cold season in the Park, the ski track with artificial covering in length of 1.5 kilometers. Skis can be rented.

For lovers of alternative sports “Sokolniki” there is an extreme Park. On an area of about 400 square metres. It includes 40 trampolines (14 of them vertical) and soft ��porolonovyj pool. To gain experience will help coaches acrobatics and gymnastics.

In the Park you can master the skateboarding, the site of this fully updated in 2018. And in the summer near a Large pond Pitaevskii opens wakeboarding school. Fitness and gymnastics in the sports center.

There in the Park and workout sites, and physical areas of the center of sports “Leader” (both indoor and outdoor soccer fields, courts for volleyball and badminton, tennis courts). Runners can join the trainings of the club “Bit”. Those wishing to offer cross-country programs and classes in crossfit.

Dance Studio “City dance” and the section “Qigong” are invited to class to elderly people in the framework of the project “Moscow longevity”, and chess and checkers club awaits visitors of all ages.

Park technical sports in printers appeared. To get to the Park by bus from the metro station “Printers”.

the Park is divided into five clusters, each of which has. Multifunctional road-racing track with sharp turns with a length of 1000 meters is suitable for auto and motorcycle racers. For the motor sportsmen is a separate, closed track with natural obstacles, its length — 1880 meters. A athletes bike trail (length 205 meters), skate Park (with an area of over 600 square meters) and area of kart (with a length of 1000 meters). All the tracks are designed for professional competitions and Amateur races.

for Those who prefer, fit comfortable bike path with a length of almost two kilometers and walking area along the banks of the Moscow river.

Another object in the program “My region” in 2019 — Children’s Cherkizovsky Park in the Preobrazhensky district. ‘ve spent here, after which the Park has become the largest cluster of extreme and alternative sports.

Here, fully updated. Artificial turf replaced the natural grass put in a new gate and the fields around the paved Jogging trail. Appeared in the Park and the new universal Playground artificial turf field with a gate and stands with baskets. Here you can play football, volleyball, basketball, and streetball.

about four thousand square meters occupied, where can be enjoyed by Amateurs and professionals. Also offers rental equipment.

There in the Park and standard training platform. Here installed and adaptive equipment for disabled residents. In the Park there is a large area with tables for table tennis and padded kilometer bike path.