At the American restaurant Lokal Fish Tales in ocean city, Maryland debuted developed by a local company tables with bumpers. In fact this is a large inflatable circles that are round tables on wheels with space for one consumer. Visitors can not only dine, but also to communicate with each other, moving from table to table while maintaining the necessary distance of about 180 cm.

Bangkok’s restaurateurs gave vent to their imagination. Thai Bar-B-Q Plaza for tables that are not occupied, the owners have placed large cardboard dinosaurs, which allowed us to observe social distance between clients. While Vietnamese cuisine Maison Saigon with people adjoin cute plush Panda. Another approach used in restaurant Penguin Eat Shabu, where you can cook your own ordered dish right at the table. There every visitor “enclosed” clear plastic partition. A similar principle is adopted in one of the bars in the Japanese city of Akito. But there is a table that can sit two people, divided transparent plastic shield.

an Extravagant way reminded people about the need to keep distance to cafes Rothe German city of Schwerin. The owner of the establishment decided that the visitors will give out hats with long colorful sponges that are “stupid” prevent dangerous approach. “In these difficult times I want to see people smile,” explained his idea Jacqueline Roth to Business Insider.

in Vilnius, In the framework of the fight against coronavirus at the disposal of the owners of the cafes and restaurants provided the public space in the city centre, including the famous Cathedral square. According to accepted in Lithuania safety rules now in the cafe can be no more than two people at a table and distance between tables should be two meters. This has created a problem for many restaurant owners in the Old town, a UNESCO world heritage site. Its narrow streets make the placement of tables on the street are unreal. Therefore, the authorities urged business people to use urban space to safely seat the visitors.