Brazilian footballer Bryan Borges found himself playing the role of an obstetrician when his wife gave birth to their baby girl on the pavement outside the couple’s apartment block.

Borges, a midfielder for second division Nautico Capibaribe FC, was planning to bring his wife Myllena to hospital, but their daughter decided to make a sudden entrance, spoiling the couple’s plans and forcing him to assist his wife right on the sidewalk.

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The family’s unusual delivery experience was caught on camera. Video shows the couple making their way from the elevator to a walkaway outside their apartment.

Borges is seen assisting his wife as she struggles to walk, before she signals her husband to stop and lies down on the ground. A few minutes later their baby girl Cecilia is born with Borges’ help, just outside the building.

The couple’s friends brought a towel to cover the newborn before Borges and his wife went to the Esperança Hospital maternity ward where they had planned to deliver their daughter.

It was sensational, perfect and wonderful. I will be marked by it for the rest of my life. (One day) I will be able to tell her all about it,” he said.

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