No other drink or food has been thoroughly tested on damage to health in the coffee with its active ingredients caffeine, chlorogenic acids and diterpenes.

Pure caffeine is a nerve poison,

is The most important knowledge also applies to many other foods: The Whole is different than its individual parts. Pure caffeine, for example, is a neurotoxin and increases the blood pressure. Diterpenes irritate the gastric mucous membranes and worsen the digestion. The whole bean is healthy. It is because the effect of the healthy ingredients predominates, or because the “total package” is metabolized differently than the individual parts. The total package, the man belongs to, however. According to the disposition and state of health of coffee can damage. Who doesn’t get the brew, to of positive studies, not to drink coffee trick.

How much coffee is healthy?

first of all, you should not pour too much in. A long-term study by the Mayo clinic with 44 000 patients showed that coffee-drinkers have a higher overall mortality than coffee abstainers. But this was only true for the test subjects who drank prior to 55, more than four cups a day.

Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and co. are often welcome volunteers, if we have a long day ahead of me. However, the popular energy bombs are also in the context of a weight reduction useful? Which makes coffee at the thickest?


Against Parkinson’s disease and prostate-cancer

Older men should drink, however, maybe even 6 cups a day read more. According to a study this lowers the risk of prostate cancer by 60 percent. In the case of three cups, the risk decreases merely by 30 percent. Against Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and stroke coffee has to be prevented, according to studies.

Earlier it was coffee because of the stimulant effect of caffeine is often with heart diseases associated. According to a lot of studies summary Meta-study has not proven this effect, however.

It is also important how you drink coffee. With a lot of sugar enjoyed, he is unhealthy. Many also advise to take coffee with cream instead of milk.

A study says that coffee filter for the blood fat or cholesterol is better than unfiltered. It is important that you don’t use bleached filters because it poisons could get into the coffee.

Dark roast is gentle on the stomach

Also on the roasting, it comes. Dark roasted coffee, in a strong Espresso coffee, contains less caffeine and chlorogenic acids, but more N-Methylpyridinium, which is gentle on the stomach. In addition, a study shows that the anti-inflammatory effect of dark roasted coffee is higher.

the coffee is also good at sports, and not only because of the stimulating effect of the caffeine. A previously unknown coffee ingredient promotes the formation of the growth hormone BDNF, which helps in building of muscles and the functions of the brain strengthens. The Fitness expert Ori Hofmeker therefore recommends a Cup of Espresso before the workout.

in Addition, the chlorogenic promote acids the burning of fat. Fat is stored and burned in the cells. A study shows that this effect occurs already at 329 milligrams or four cups a day.

Good news for coffee lovers: caffeine-potion prolongs life! People who drink at least four cups per day, Not prolonged his life by 64 percent compared to non-coffee drinkers.


coffee in the Morning – and the day read more be saved, so it goes on the inside, at least most of Switzerland and Swiss. Some people can drink five cups of coffee and sleep still good, the other a small Cup of robbing the sleep. Reason different caffeine-sensitivity is apparently.


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