Another 30 Moscow companies will be able to launch export sales or to expand the geography of supplies. They became members of the third accelerator to exporters of capital. August 24 start of the third flow joint acceleration program of the Moscow export centre, subordinated to the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovation development, Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO.

20 of the 29 participants in the first two flows on the basis of the accelerator has already signed 43 of the export contract for a total of about 514 million rubles.

Manufacturer of gingerbread with hand-painted glaze that took part in the first stream, has signed a contract for the supply of its products to Canada in the amount of three million dollars and in Germany — by $ 1.5 million. In addition, the company agreed to implement their product in one of the largest American retailers in the amount of 60.5 thousand dollars.

At the end of the first thread also signed contracts to export from Moscow laboratory equipment valued at 2.9 million rubles to Kazakhstan, and solutions for satellite navigation in Kyrgyzstan by 14 million, as well as elements of surveillance systems in Italy, USA and Lithuania for a total amount of 300 thousand dollars.

the Party of the second stream acceleration program — capital manufacturer of women’s clothing — has delivered the goods on three million in Georgia. Enterprise for the production of peripheral devices for computer and technical light expanded the geography of sales, coming on the markets of Hungary, Germany, Latvia and France. The total amount of contracts amounted to about two million rubles. Manufacturer of exclusive leather bindings for books planned sale to a major international trading platform, and also exported to a few foreign countries in the amount of three million rubles.

six companies selected in a new thread accelerator, represent the sphere of information technologies and electronics manufacturing, five mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing. In addition, have been selected manufacturers of medical products, food, cosmetics and household chemicals, enterprises producing and selling children’s products, construction of tools, furniture, jewelry, plastics and rubber, as well as representatives of logistics services and industrial prototyping. Participation in the program is paid, but 85 percent of the cost for entrepreneurs will pay Moscow export hub.

UK, USA and Germany: where even the capital of non-oil exports productsmobile thousand people were trained at the Moscow school of the exporter since the beginning of the year

Moscow export centre established by the Government of Moscow. He works with entrepreneurs in the field of finAnisovich and non-financial measures of support and promotion of capital goods producers to foreign markets. Key tasks of METS increased number of the Moscow exporters and realization of projects for the effective development of their foreign trade activities.