Smart has not made the leap across the Atlantic. Due to the low demand (the last one was just under 100 vehicles per month were sold), and to high adaptation of sales of the Eco-town runabout in the United States and Canada, is set to cost the end of the current model year.


to start Despite a launch with much fanfare in 2008, and almost 25’000 registrations in the first year of sales, this was achieved later, not more. In 2009, just under 15’000 Amis wanted a new Smart, least of all, the sales figures of the small car were in North America, only four digits. Even the two years ago initiated change to pure Electric, which is the nitro models have been removed from the offer – helped nothing.

Great by fallen

As a reason for Failure of Daimler-makers to see the persistently low gas prices in the United States, which the buyer continues to be large and heavy SUVs and Pick-ups animated. However, be Smart in North America was perceived never as an Eco-brand. The official US consumption values were partly higher than those of Hybrid or larger small car models.

Smart in the future, Chinese

see The Daimler-bosses of the future for Smart but anyway in China. The upcoming purely electric Generation will be built jointly with the Chinese Partner, Geely and 2022 in China and the Rest of the world. But not in the United States. There, Daimler intends to start instead, in the future electric SUVs such as the Mercedes EQC.