Cinemas Moschino resume work after a long break. Will work under the new rules: in cinemas organized smart Seating arrangements for observance of social distance between the audience. When you buy a ticket, the system blocks locations around and sees that the hall was filled to not more than 50 percent. You can buy tickets on the website and in a special mobile application “Moschino”.

what films you can see in the near future — in the material

From 1 August in the “Moschino” you can see Anna Melikyan — Fi Thriller with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role. His hero, a successful game designer Eugene, is preparing to release a new game. His life turns upside down young activist Tanya (Ekaterina Ageeva). “Fairy” at the end of April appeared in the online cinemas, and now on the big screen.

Also after the digital release of the movie will show Egor Abramenko, sci-Fi with Oksana Akinshina in the main role. The actress plays the role of a Soviet neurophysiologist, tasked to understand what happened on returning to Earth on a space ship. Of the two cosmonauts survived one, but it was infested with an extraterrestrial parasite. The story in the spirit of “aliens” is set in the scenery of a Soviet military base on the calendar — 1983.

Should pay attention to the horror Yusuf razykova, which received last year’s prize Guild of film critics at the festival “Kinotavr”. The main character is a lonely village woman named Paul (played the theatrical actress Helen Susanin, which at the time of filming was 83). Late husband during the life of a terribly tortured her, and after his death began to come to Paul in a dream and give different instructions. Waking life old lady no less than a nightmare for truckers, whom she let in the house at the request of the deceased, but because of the power outages that compelled her in the dark to look for kerosene.

Among the new domestic films that show in theaters “Moschino” in the first week of August, and Comedy. Hero retired Xenophon (Mikhail Gomiashvili) comes to life on a Thai beach. How he got here doesn’t remember, without money and documents gets to the police, and from there to forced labor. Xenophon quickly mastered the new place and manages to establish a business, however, illegal.

Out on the big screen and a collection of short stories by Roy Andersson, won in 2019, “the Silver lion” for direction. New job one of the most famous modern Swedish film Directors — a series of stories United by the through character of the priest who stopped believing in God. As usual Andersson, almost all of the actors are non — professional.

Lovers of tickle nerves and fans of Russell Crowe will probably like it a Thriller. In it the actor plays ��the man is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a sore on a single mother. He begins to pursue the offender, then her family, and then everyone who gets on the road. The screenplay was written by Carl Ellsworth, one of the creators of the drama “Paranoia” (2007) with young Shia LaBeouf in the lead role.

“Escape from Pretoria” — a drama by Francis Annan about the fighters against apartheid in South Africa, who are serving time in one of the toughest prisons in the world. The film is based on real events of the 1970-ies, the consultant made one of the parties to this escape, Tim Jenkin. By the way, in the movie he is played by Daniel Radcliffe.

Those who love French humor, like the sitcom. An old doctor (Michel Blanc) broke the rheumatism, to go to the patients he can’t, but work does not want to lose. The idea is to send the pizza delivery guy (Hakeem Jamile), advising him through the earpiece, at first it seems he’s brilliant.

Yearning for travel can be partially quench with the documentary Francesco and Vito Invernizzi Salinaro. Together with architects, masons, guides and residents of Matera, the viewer passes through the streets is an amazing town where time has stopped.

And with kids you can go to a new movie about the universe trolls. This time Rosie, Tsvetan and their friends will discover open-air, concerts and rap battles, and will still save their world from Queen rocks.

From 1 August cinema network “Moschino” will show not only films that have not appeared on the big screen, but recent hits. For example, crime Comedy from guy Ritchie, Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hannema, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell. McConaughey plays a brilliant Oxford graduate, who created an illegal Empire. The fun starts when he decides to retire.

Also, you can watch Terrence Malick. A new film based on the biography of a symbol of the Austrian Resistance Franz Gerstetter who refused to fight for the Nazis in the Second world war and died for their beliefs. Starring August Diehl, best known for the title role in the film “Young Karl Marx” (2017).

the Audience is waiting for a new meeting with the classics — scheduled screenings of Charlie Chaplin’s films and an extensive retrospective of Andrei Tarkovsky. The latter will begin with the last film, shot in Sweden and which won four awards at the Cannes film festival in 1986.

older Children can acquaint with classics of Japanese animation. The repertoire of cinemas are also two paintings by Japanese animation genius Hayao Miyazaki (2004).