Ousmane Dembélé’s contract with FC Barcelona ends in a few weeks. It is all the more fitting that Chelsea, headed by coach Thomas Tuchel, has now kept an eye on the striker.

From Barcelona to Chelsea? Chelsea FC around coach Thomas Tuchel is interested in a transfer of Ousmane Dembélé from FC Barcelona. The striker’s contract expires at the end of June this year, making him available on a free transfer. In “Football London” the Spanish football expert Sid Lowe explains why Dembélé is so popular again after a difficult time in Barcelona.

Short, compact, clear

Dembélé’s transformation at Barcelona: Not only on the field but also off it, Dembélé has made a remarkable development at Barcelona. That makes him very attractive for Chelsea. “Barcelona have tried to help him on the issue of his lifestyle. It’s about sleep times, it’s about caregiving, it’s about a professional life.”

“He was a kid in some ways”: Lowe: “He was helped, for example, by the introduction of a chef who cooks properly for him, who cooks the things that an athlete should eat. The assumption was that he didn’t eat well beforehand His sleep times weren’t always optimal either. That’s not to say he was necessarily a bad boy, but I suppose he was a kid in some ways.”