all His youth he spent with the Stars: Bruno Stettler (57) had in the late 70s and early 80s, no Party! “I was a huge music fan,” recalls the Zurich. “Where a rock concert was held, came I to take photos of the Bands.” Stettler met the hard rockers AC/DC, celebrated with the Queen of the nights and also had with Abba a lot of Fun.

40’000 pictures shot Stettler in that time. For decades, they moderten in basements. Because Stettler suddenly had no desire for rock music. “My life was extremely intense,” he explains. “The longing for something more leisureliness was suddenly too big.” It is also other things, art, for example, and Meditation, interested suddenly. Today, Stettler works as a Digital entrepreneur for spiritual products.

Today, he is a DJ in the old-age home

After a move twelve years ago he joined suddenly in the old boxes in the basement. Stettler took the photos back and started to restore it carefully. With the image of the band “As if it were the last Time” (published by Sturm & Drang) is now a collection of his best snapshots appeared.

rock music has to do, Stettler today only as a hobby. In his spare time he creates as a DJ in old people’s homes.