In St. Petersburg re-opened parks and children’s playgrounds. They will be available for visits from Sunday. According to authorities, will remain closed until Park rides. For the safety of tourists in the squares, parks and playgrounds will be carried out daily disinfection.

“From June 28 to open navigation on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg on the Neva, the Small Neva, Big Nevka, the Middle Nevka and the Malaya Nevka, and the Moika, Fontanka, Griboyedov canal, in the Kronverksky Strait”, with a link to the source RIA Novosti reported.

Monday in Northern capital will open a summer cafe, which received a QR code, confirming readiness to perform standard safe operation. Also will resume the solemn registration of marriages in a registry office, we will be able to sign up to the manicure and pedicure. Also June 29, will open in St. Petersburg Leningradsky zoo.