Even if you should have him for 50 years, no longer seen, his Smile is unmistakable: The today, 64-year-old Beat Schenk, who was the third-eldest of the “6 sorrow boy” in the Film, after the success of the novel by Elisabeth Müller to the small crowd favorite, sitting contentedly on a Bernese restaurant terrace.

The work of Franz Schnyder (1910-1993) was born in 1967 in the Bernese Emmental and released in 1968, made of the same Material, the Director has also produced a 13-part TV series, which was in 1968-69 to the ratings hit, and later even in the USA, delivery and the 29. September is now aired again on Swiss television. SRF has digitized the series high resolution and restored directly from the well-preserved, 35-mm Negative. And Praesens-Film released the Film on Blu-ray.

ten years Ago, he started to Jack with the search

“Only the ultimate grief-the book was missing to complete,” says Fritzli-cast Schenk at the Meeting with a VIEW. “And I wondered where the many photographs are remained, which were made on the Set.” That was the drive for the trained graphic artist, to take heart project.

“The search I began ten years ago. First, I contacted Siegfried Kuhn, photographed in 1967 for Ringier on-site. From the publisher I got the slides from the physical archive.”

The production company officially dedicated the Set photographer Roland Bertschinger, in turn, recordings made over 1200, the Schenk tracked finally, with the Cinémathèque suisse in Lausanne. “With a professional colleague, I spent days with the Digitizing of the material.” Some of the scenes of each photo is missing but until today, graphical memory, so from the tumultuous school excursion to Niesen.

Schenk extended its track from search and remembers the beautiful encounters: “I have visited Franz Schnyder’s niece because of the right of use. Then I had contact with Bernhard Raith, one of the two of the still-living camera men. As with Werner Balmer, the performer of the teacher. And with Anneliese Romanelli-Egger, actress the woman Lüthi, as well as the bus driver who picked us up for the shooting of the school.” The just deceased Ines Torelli (1931-2019) was, by the way, as a sister-in-law of sorrow-father Franz Matt (1931-1999).

costs underestimated

For Beat Schenk closes with the book of a circle. “I’m now retired, 65 and. In 1967 I shot during our breaks at the suggestion of the Set photographer, with an 8-mm movie camera, and there was a kind of Film-Making-of. And from his pictures, I’ve now done a photo-Making-of.”

The Black-and-White short film gift set last year, together with the SRF. “The case of the cinema premiere in October 1968 in Bern to present three members of the Rudolf Gnägi, Hans-Peter Tschudi, and Willy spuehler had to let him soundless go through”, remembers Schenk.

The publication of the book was actually planned for last year to the 50-year anniversary of the world premiere. “But I underestimated the effort and wanted to achieve a good result. At the opening of 15. In September, it will be now ago exactly to the day 52 years ago that the last door is pleased.” The cost for “tightening moments” were considerable. “I was involved two years ago, innocent in a rear-end collision and my car was gone. I decided to rather make a book than to buy a new car. The car middle class was the book now, hopefully, top notch,” says Schenk with a grin.

The Vernissage will take place on Sunday, 15. September, starting at 11 a.m., in the cinema crown in Burgdorf, instead, present grief-mother Linda Geiser (84), as well as all of the boy-actors.

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