Presnensky court of Moscow ordered Dmitry Shepelev to pay the parents of the deceased of his civil wife Zhanna Friske 7 million, media reported.

The parents appealed to the Khamovnichesky court with a demand to recover from the husband of the deceased daughter of 7.2 million rubles – wife Friske believe that the money Dmitry have to return them after they have fully repaid the debt before you Respond, where you listed charitable contributions for treatment of the singer, reports RIA “Novosti”.

It collected a 67 million rubles, of which spent after death Friske was the amount of 21 million rubles. Benefactors promised to pass it to children with cancer, but on the account of Jeanne money was not there.

Perovsky court to foreclose the money on all the legal heirs of the singer: her parents and son Platon. Parents Friske repaid, but demanded that Shepelev, with whom he left to live Plato returned to them a third of the amount returned to the Fund for a grandchild. He refused and instead demanded to collect from the spouses Friske 10.1 million roubles – one-third of the amount they withdrew plus interest. He believes that the money belongs to Plato.

The lawsuit was transferred in Presnensky court, the two claims are considered in a single process.

Shepelev offered to parents Friske to conclude the agreement, but they refused.

The representative of the journalist said that Shepelev was sure that the entire amount collected on Friske, was spent on her treatment, and that the money was taken two weeks before her death, found out after the trial.

Olga Friske stated that he withdrew money at the request of Jeanne and handed them over to the actress that she spent at their discretion.

“December 2014 Joan was chairbound, and March 2015 was in a coma. How could they give the money to Joan, if she couldn’t be responsible for themselves?” the lawyer said Shepelev.

He is sure that the money the parents had kept, as they are not found in their accounts or in the accounts of Joan. In the end, the debts to the “Rusfond” was paid for by a country estate which belonged to Friske, part – cash. Shepelev believes that cash is the very money that had been withdrawn in 2015.

“the Whole situation arose only because the parents – Olga and Vladimir – took the money. What does Plato? It’s a nuisance – they enriched themselves illegally. A lawsuit filed by a child of Jeanne at the expense of the money that he had inherited. If you want to recover part of the property of Plato, let them return the money that belonged to him”, the lawyer said Shepelev.

The court ruled in favor of the parents of Jeanne. Motivation is not yet announced.

22 February it was reported that the father of Jeanne Friske, Vladimir filed a lawsuit against the former boyfriend of his daughter Dmitry Shepelev t��bowenian to return 7 million 211 thousand roubles. Before that the property of parents Friske was put up for auction – they paid off the debt to “Rusfond”, giving the entire amount, including the part Shepeleva.

Friske died 15 June 2015, at the age of 40 after a two year battle with cancer of the brain.