Accusation of women sexual harassment in the address of Alexander intellectuals and Friends of Michael Skifskogo — strange, ugly and slanderous. This intellectual Sergey Vivatenko said “StarHit”.

Skipski responded to charges of assaulting a schoolgirl

Some time ago, as reported by “Rambler”, several women have accused the player of the TV game “What? Where? When?” Skifskogo sexual abuse when they were minors. Some time later, a former member of children’s team “What? Where? When?” accused Friends, also a player of “What? Where? When?” indecent exposure when she was 16 years old.

“friends hugged me around the waist. At some point his hand was in the chest area. He let go of something vulgar. The sediment was vile” she said.

The Player “What? Where? When?” Vivatenko called the recognition of women strange, ugly and slanderous, wondered why they were silent so long, and advised them to go to court if they are not satisfied with something.

“If that’s the case, then you need a consequence and so on. Never heard it (friends. — Approx. ed.) — a wonderful children’s coach… well, if guilty, let him judge… there Will be another scandalous accusation Friends”, he added.