Actually, it is inconceivable that the series would have become Highlights, like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Spongebob” under a different title known as. But it would be gone after the makers would have to get some productions with a completely different title, such as “image” reported.

“The Big Bang Theory”

“Lenny, Kenny, and Penny”
The reason: upper-Nerd Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parson, 45) was originally intended to Kenny hot.

“Hannah Montana”

“Alexis Texas”
The reason: of The Name had to be changed because a Porn Star offered his services under this name. It was silly.


“Six Of One”
The reason: The series of six friends in New York, the live the (love)and their everyday life in the big city turns, supposed to be “hot Six Of One”. Even during the shoot for the Pilot episode, the series was still called so. The Name “Friends” summarizes all of this in one term.


The reason: is The inventor of Spongebob, cartoonist, Stephen Hillenburg, had to change “Boy” to “Bob”, because the Name Spongeboy was already a registered trademark – by a MOP manufacturer.

“New Girl”

: “Chicks And D*cks”
The reason: Quite simply – the Name was crass to the channel Fox. A harmloserer title.

“Mr. Bean”

“Mr. Cauliflower” (“Mr. cauliflower”)
why: beans instead of cauliflower. Actor Rowan Atkinson (63) went through with the series creators, all vegetables names – until they decided, finally, for “Mr. Bean”.

“Pretty Woman”

D he reason: Inconceivable that “Pretty Woman” would have as a “3000” in the film history. But that was the original Plan. Because so many dollars ‘Vivian’ (Julia Roberts, 51) as an Escort-lady from Edward Lewis (Richard Gere, 69).