Friend Pavlensky was arrested in France after him

Friend of the detainee in France scandalously famous artist from Russia actionist Peter Pavlensky also detained, according to the French BFM TV channel, citing police sources.

Earlier it was reported that Pavlensky posted on the Internet a sex tape and fragments of correspondence, which, as argued actionist, it appears the candidate in mayors of Paris from the party “Republic March” Benjamin Hryvnia. Pavlensky claimed that a politician who campaigned on family values in correspondence with a certain young girl called prison his family and children, and sent her video with her participation. Himself Hryvnia after the publication of the video has announced the termination of its election campaign.

Detained 29-the summer woman – a native of Metz in northeast France. In her confession, is the relationship with Turkey since January last year. It is accused of invasion of privacy and “sharing without the person’s consent to sexual materials.”