Before the Duchess Meghan (37) got married to her Prince Harry (37), was an actress. At the time, as Meghan Markle known, played with you in the lawyer show “Suits”. The big Hollywood offerings, were waiting for. So you played with 2015 on the side of Gregg Sulkin (26) in the Flop movie “Anti-Social”.

And as the present Duchess of Sussex was at that time? Her Co-Star Sulkin said in the “Fox”Show, “Fair Game” to the presenter Kristine Leahy (32). Says Meghan had always been a Princess. “In real life she is really like a Princess,” says the actor about his Ex-colleague.

“Meghan has always been a Superstar”

“it is one of the most elegant, nicest, most honest, and most authentic people I’ve ever met”, device Sulkin into raptures. Further, he says: “Meghan has always been a Superstar.” That’s what he means, obviously, not a negative, because the Briton added: “I’m proud of the fact that it has become part of the history of my country. And I’m not just saying that because I know you personally.” (euc)