It is the crowning achievement of a great career At the Swiss Federal in train Christian Stucki (34) makes use of the vibrating king. As the second oscillator according to Jörg Abderhalden (39) to succeed him, the “voice-Grand-Slam” from the king’s title, Unspunnen and Kilchberger-Schwinget.

remains, However, another title denied. In the case of the election of the transducer of the month of the tuning Bible “closing speed” sets him on the cross, has not made before the weekly deadline at the Federal once the wreath: David Schmid (29), a farmer from the Fricktal.

Now, artist Schmid’s Defensive for sure not a beginner, after all he has won in August, the North-Western Switzerland, home in Wittnau, in front of the house. But still, More votes than the swing king? And then it’s not even nearly: Around 100 Votes in the Aargau, the Zeeland, with 49:43 percent of the vote he is.

“I’m very surprised,” says Schmid on the phone to VIEW. “This is more than I expected for sure.” But quite unexpectedly, the Triumph can’t come in: The soothing and relaxed huge fan of David Schmid and his brother Samuel, with some 200 members, for an unusual action always. And so it was in the Fricktal to try it with the “Final round”Voting. Schmid:””you can do it”, I said to you. But I never thought that it will work.”

One of the men behind the choice-Effort Fanclub-President Yannick Müller (24). “Stucki deserved it, of course”, he apologizes almost for the Coup. “He is a Big. But we are pleased that we have managed to do this small Surprise.” And now? “There is sure to be a Feast. This is a good reason to celebrate at the conclusion of the season.”

A facile ESAF graduation for Schmid, the day after his 29. Birthday not brought in train its second Federal gear. And king Stucki is also likely to drive without the price of the transducer of the month happy in the holidays.