VW reinvents itself. The International automobile exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt (12. to 22. September), missed the brand a fresh appearance. Or in Marketing-speak, “The comprehensive Rebranding is the logical consequence of the strategic realignment of our brand,” says VW brand chief Juergen Stackmann.

Background: At the IAA VW will be the first pure electric model ID.3 in the Format of the best-selling Golf reveal. According to the diesel scandal 2015 VW had This under the CEO, Matthias Müller, and his successor, Herbert new course for the company in the direction of electro-mobility adjusted. Now, after four years, is to sail the Supertanker VW finally with a full head of steam into the electric age. Part of the group strategy, the Expansion of the SUV range to 20 models across all brands, 40 per cent SUV share of sales and a return of six per cent, of the investment of about 48 billion francs in 2023 in the electric future of Finance.

Open and electrically

should be signaled to the outside. The big break-up of the group does not dare yet. Like us, the VW brand chief Juergen Stackmann revealed already, the body, of course, in the case of the two letters in a circle. Only the appearance will change.

The new website, developed in nine months by VW design chief Klaus Bischoff and an internal project group, which includes the refreshed Logo, new colors and new ways of communication with the customer. Fresh, positive, open, and personable, the brand is to occur in the future. And not just glossy advertising to show the world, but closer to the customers.

Not cheap

But the new Logo has also practical reasons: Because the communication to the customer will in the future run, especially digital, it must work not only on metal but also on the screen well. The three-dimensional old Logo is therefore.

cheap, the conversion is not likely to be: From the Logo to the VW factory in Wolfsburg to the calling card – everything has to be redesigned. Therefore, the changeover should be gradual, initially in Europe, then in China and later in North and South America, to expire. Overall, need to be styled in 171 countries, around 10’000 branches. Made the cost of VW not specified.

And, how ‘ bout now, the new VW Logo? This, however, will only be revealed at the IAA.