you are lucky. Shortly before the 1. August beat the two major retailers with Mega-actions to grill sausages. Consumers pay at Migros currently for the Pair of Terra Suisse-Cervelats in a pack of four, 40 percent less than a couple of weeks ago. Rival Coop keeps its clientele with Sausage-low prices in a good mood: Six St. Galler Olma bratwurst’s for half the price – 9.75 instead of 19.50 Swiss francs.

Such actions can even rap splitters, such as discounters look old. The national sausage Aktionitis but should not obscure the fact that the prices of the popular grilled sausages in this year, a record-breaking ride. The fresh Barometer of VIEWS with the data of the Federal office for agriculture confirmed the price increase.

In the retail sector, the price for 100 grams of national sausage is this year, on average, 1.17 francs. He is only 6 cents below the price from the record year of 2009. The veal bratwurst with currently 1.94 Swiss francs (per 100 grams), even 10 cents more than ten years ago.

“A round of Cervelats is cheaper than a round of beer”

“The meat industry has experienced in the past few months, a massive increase of raw material prices,” says Philipp Sax, Deputy Director of the Swiss meat Association (SFF). According to this, increased prices for beef and sausage meat significantly. On the other hand, Sax, was observed in the pig meat after years of Oversupply for the first time again in a lower offer.

“The let the battle of pork prices rise sharply, resulting in higher pork sausage meat prices are the result,” explains Sax. Therefore, the prices in the final sale to the consumer would have to be passed, “the existential margins, as the basis of the butchers and meat processors are not endangered,” explains Sax.

The Association Swissporcs keeps the fresh and the prices in the supermarkets for fair. “A round of Cervelats buy comes cheaper than a round of Beers,” says Association husband Adrian Schütz, on the four-pack of action of the Migros addressed.