Dmitry Kosyreva happens when tolerance develops in neterpimosti play a simple game: what country now say that the ruling party has lost its way, lost its sense of purpose and essence of its mission, does not see the desired direction of the nation? Right, it’s in the United States. Of course, if the Republican party can be considered the ruling — there are many doubts, not only because the top of its own mission is not very clear.Doesn’t matter where the quote about the lost party. Well, let’s say, the author name Thomas Klingenstein, he is not a scientist and not an ideologue, as a big businessman who wanted to speak. This is a very typical phenomenon for the right wing policies of the US is huge and still growing many people wanting to speak some of the rapidly growing and multiplying right-wing media. (These media, too, four years ago no one heard.) Including to say, as in this case, that the voters trump need a simple, clear goal of their efforts, in addition to the re-election of the tramp, of course. That is, we need not only an ideology of resistance to the destruction of the American nation and state (it is in plain view in the form of pogroms, and not only), and the correct way of America.What do we care? Let’s see. Of course, Klingenstein contains a lot of different relating to purely local realities: what is the American dream and their way of life, for example. But there are pearls of the mind. They come across where it is necessary to curse the enemy (Democrats): to start from the hostile it is always easier to build than an image of a desired future.Here, for example: Democrats are very unhappy with the fact that in human society there are and will be the difference between people and groups of people. For example, between men and women, rich and poor, and so on. The difference is just in how people live and want — ideally — to continue to live. To break, to destroy society (and the goal of Democrats is to break the current and to build a new one), they need enhanced authority, including the authority of the state, and how else to break?Violence is the midwife of history, said Marx. Birth grandmother now called the obstetrician, for those who don’t know.Including the freedom to speak and argue. What we in the US see today: not only not to support, say, “racism”, and even silent on the subject.So, the old, the society is now in the USA break introduction of the numerous restrictions that begin as private group, but in the end they will impose a new state apparatus and the law: this is the most valuable idea of this unknown Klingenstein.But why only in USA? That’s quite the story: one of her friends daughter recently told me why you left the company vegans. Me��about something she still doesn’t really like, but once in their company were talking about what’s next. Well, opened its vegan cafe, going, talking… and then? Then excitedly began to pour in ideas. Then we need to continue to shame “flesheater” through any social networks. To promote the idea that meat inflicts serious harm to human health and overstraining health care system, but indirectly we all pay for itself. The idea is to have a shape still respected the humanity of science, but science will do a report on the dangers of meat world health organization fall 2015: our people have worked. Then we should promote at the international level the idea that eating meat is somehow harmful to others “flesheater” vegans, at least cause them suffering debilitating. In General, to create a kind of international norm. And seeing the lack of resistance of the public to all this frenzied moral pressure, seeing that many people are already ashamed of their food habits, you can easily consolidate this new, forcibly set the social norm in national law and ensure its strict implementation, which requires, of course, a strong state. The program is quite long, said the friends, but real — a lot of them, all work fine. Here in America, dozens of them. The fight against “racism” under this scheme, and is, the fight for the rights of the LGBT community too, and further down the list…There is a friend’s daughter apologized and quietly left. Apparently, forever. Although not everyone is easy to lose your company and friends. But to live in their violently beautiful world, too, not everyone wants.Back to our Americans. It is very bad — here is another ideologue tells us that it is not about whether to choose the trump and Biden, and not just about America, it’s about saving an entire civilization (so felt like Winston Churchill in 1940, promising the Empire for the near term, only blood, sweat and tears). And Klingenstein continues to build an indictment against his own party: America is freedom, he recalls. Those who call themselves Democrats, to destroy freedom, to them freedom is not just outdated, and incomprehensible and hostile. And we want to keep it, but don’t know how.It should be just two parties, two opposing forces. One would talk about all kinds of tolerance and other tolerance, the rights of minorities. Then the degree of these conversations has increased and he grew to a total of coercion of all to all the above and many more anything else. Companies where there is a place for different people with different ideas and style of life in the United States and the world in General should no longer be — such a party.Yes, but the second of them, which is right and good, which for freedom, to her? What exactly do the REPublicans, come down to the last Stalingrad? And then our business thinker says: normal America if wants to be great again — need to learn one simple rule, it is the same — the only item of party positions Republicans. Namely, it should be the party of freedom, the motto of which is prohibited in the US, all these multiple, formal and informal prohibitions of Democrats and other progressives.Here we leave him alone with his paradoxical conclusion, as Onegin at the feet of Tatyana. Leave to make some observations about the Russian situation.As better? As in America, where the two-party system, separating the two extremes at the poles? Or, as in Russia, where instinctively one-party system, even if nominally the leading parties several? However, we have in each batch, a very visible proactive characters, which is natural and normal to think of all the new bans and rules for all Russians in General. And in each lot — a lot other characters that are either terrified of carnival bans, or with a sigh think still it won’t work: people with riots or, rather, even without the riots will try to live as they like.And how it’s better: as we have or they have, in the United States?..