A free – trade agreement between Switzerland and the United States would bring both countries significant wealth. After five years, the trade in goods would increase by more than 14 billion Swiss francs and more than 40’000 new jobs could be created – 13’500 in Switzerland alone. This was the result of a study by the liberal think tank Avenir Suisse.

More security against arbitrary a

And not only that, A Deal with US President Donald Trump (73) would protect Switzerland against the “trade of political arbitrariness”. And what is the value, sees the world just in the US trade dispute with China, which has consequences for the entire globe.

Avenir Suisse is convinced that at The Moment prevail the ideal conditions for such negotiations to start. Because the relations to the Administration Trump are closely: old Federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann (76) and now also the Federal President Ueli Maurer (78), Trump visited, the U.S. Ambassador Ed McMullen (55) is considered to be very engaged. “Now, it’s time for a deal”, says Avenir Suisse, Director Peter green fields (52).

farmers have to the table

But such an agreement, many hurdles. For one, the USA have to want to. You may be putting your General will to Look, but nothing happened. And in Switzerland the farmers of the brakes. The last start-up to a free trade agreement failed due to the agriculture, to exclude the Americans, while the Swiss farmers are only to a few concessions.

Avenir Suisse therefore recommends that the agriculture and other interest groups at an early stage to integrate. And for the farmers, you should negotiate transition periods before tariffs are abolished on agricultural products.

special rights for US citizens

The United States, in turn, will attract with Zückerchen face. Avenir Suisse in mind, above all, a special quota for citizens of the US. In particular, on lake Geneva, many U.S. companies are now to fail a resident who also wanted to get its own employees, but on the third country quota. Because US companies need to apply – like all others – one of the scarce places for residence permits for Non-EU citizens.

Thus, the pressure on the new Minister of economy, Guy Parmelin (59), of the in the matter of free trade was to be heard in the first seven months in the new office increases slightly. Already on Thursday, the FDP, had demanded, in view of the deteriorating economic situation, far-reaching reforms.

After all, His own party, the SVP, is in principle for free trade agreements. And with the US Administration, under Trump you’d like to come into the business. The question is not, however, whether the strong peasant circles in the SVP resist.