the corona-outbreak, see the free local newspapers and their advertising are drying up, and this is their only source of income. Association of NRN, who are almost four hundred free papers in the Netherlands, represents, requires, on behalf of all of the publishers and the government to provide extra financial support.

“the measures implemented by The government so far has been to provide some relief, but do not take into account the fact that it’s a good news, of critical importance is that the weeklies every week to stay out,” notes the industry association.

According to the NRN, there are already newspapers which are forced to make their numbers, down to having screwed up. This might lead to a lot of door-to-door leafleting, because the costs are higher than revenues.

“The publishers believe that in this age of the solar corona it is essential that the relevant information for everyone in the society is achieved,” according to the association. Especially the elderly, for their news and information about local initiatives and aid are dependent on the leaves.