Free entrance in the capital's schools: how is distance learning

In Moscow since March 16 because of the danger of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 introduced free entrance to all schools. Whether to send children to school, parents decide. Normal lessons will continue, but for those who remain at home must be organized distance learning.

At the entrance to the school students greeted teachers with familiar children noncontact thermometers. Moscow schools after introduction of free entry is empty, but not much. At the secondary school in Bibirevo on distance learning has crossed 17 per cent. Some parents were transferred to work from home, and they left their children.

the Decree of the Moscow mayor about the introduction of free school visits went on a Friday night. Over the weekend the teachers had time to prepare for the transition to distance learning. The electronic system of the Moscow school allows you to do this without loss in the quality of education.

the electronic system of the Moscow school student, while at home, can get links to a job run automatically to obtain the correct answer. Of necessity, teachers can record a video explaining the new material. Also, the child can listen to the lecture of the teacher who developed the course.

Olga Serova, a mathematics teacher, conducts a lesson using video conferencing. She writes on a special Board an equation and solve it may student of the house.

to go to remote learning, parents need to notify the school. This can be done through an electronic diary or to write a statement and send the class teacher. Free school visits will operate until further order of the mayor of the capital.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”