Free access to significant resources and will provide on smartphones

“do You know what an experiment is. The most popular services access, operators can provide free. Until, of course, only the fixed Internet but the next step, I am confident that we will reach agreements with mobile operators,” – said Chernyshenko. According to him, the agreement of mobile operators can be obtained in the near future.

Photo: iStock In some schools, video from the Internet can be made up two days

Deputy Prime Minister noted that the isolation gives people the opportunity to try new services – “what earlier and did not reach the hands”. However, after the end of the pandemic, when the restrictive measures will be removed, and services should again be the commercial, he said.

Recall that the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation on March 31 approved the list of socially important resources that will participate in the experiment via the free access of the citizens, carried out from April 1 to July 1; the list may vary, but not more often than once a week.