160 years should be celebrated. 100 years of Swiss National-Circus Knie and 60 years of VIEW, the biggest purchase of Newspapers Switzerland. For the first Time, the two traditional brands will host on 5. May tent in Zurich, a Gala in the circus and invite 500 guests with the accompaniment. The squares will be raffled. In the run-up to this event, the circus Director Fredy Knie Jun., (72) looks back on the last decades of the knee and the corresponding VIEW-headlines.

100 years of knee

“This anniversary is big for me-like. The most difficult time of wars were the two world. That we have survived as a circus, to whom we owe our grandmother, as a widow, so strong and all Business has been settled. And the audience has remained faithful. We have managed to develop and preserve the Tradition.”


“it is Quite clear, as my daughter, Geraldine, at the age of three, her horse-riding debut on my page and then my granddaughter, Chanel, also of the same age, and my grandson, Ivan, has listed with this number. The one and a half year old Maycol we’re preparing slowly for it. All of the knee, but whether you decide to live for a Circus or not. That my family, this blood flows through the veins, makes me proud and grateful.”

underground beats

“The death of my father on the 11. October 2003. He died ten minutes before the performance, only the next day we gave it is known. I made my numbers, was sad and in a bad mood, but I have in mind of my father by bit. My mother Pierrette died in 2013, on the day of the Premiere. Also, since I work in the Manege. I have not missed in the last 69 years, a single idea. Came with broken leg, after I received the blow of a horse, went the next day to the doctor. He wanted to operate, I said he could forget. So I got a plaster on to cut the pant leg and stand again in the evening in the arena. I’ve also made it with 40 degree fever the number with the Rhino and the Tiger. So we are circus people.”


“the fact That we raised the funds for the new tent by means of group financing, has caused a lot of discussions. When my Banker told them, I didn’t even, what is Crowdfunding. It was appreciated by the people, not in vain more than a quarter of a million came together. There are those who have been through, the feeling of being a part of our circus.”

Fredy Knie Jun., (72) belongs to the sixth Generation of the famous circus family, made his debut in the circus ring he gave as a four year old with a pony dressage. Since then, his passion belongs to the whole of the horses, for whose performances he was the artistic Director of the Circus Knie also responsible. Fredy Knie, Jr., is married since 1972 with Mary-José, daughter Geraldine is now entered in his footsteps. The Ringmaster lives during the winter break in his fixed domicile in Rapperswil SG.

Viktor Giacobbo Mike Mueller

“Between you and us there is an old friendship. Viktor was as a little Boy in the tent building in Winterthur in the way, Mike was as a child. They are all extremely popular, because they have remained down-to-earth.”

David Larible

The Clown was spoken in August of 2017 from the Zurich district court for sexual acts with a 14-year-old girl guilty.

“I have noticed in the run-up to nothing. He is – or was – a philanderer, and the affected girl wanted to be an artist, and her mother has pushed accordingly. I also believe that he gave her a kiss, but not that that is all that happened. This would have happened during the current Tour, would have given us this sure a damage of the image. It was at the end, therefore, we advanced only a short time in the focus.”

Claudio Zuccolini

The comedian fell through in the 2013 season, the audience.

“This is a sad story, and he has done me very sorry. As his numbers have not arrived, we told him early on that he needed to change. But he has shot as something that the long insists on not to change anything. As he did, then, was left of the train a long time ago.”


“He was in 2001 the first and only comedian we have shortly after the start of the season dropped off. It was not easy. We have in the contract a clause that if you don’t like the audience, we can dissolve it. He also had a Director who has zero and nothing to something taken care of.”

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“His suicide took us all very much. He was 24 years with us, he had grown very fond of. Spidi seemed to us to be happy and cheerful that it looked for in him, we have not noted, unfortunately. We knew he had money problems, and have to always tell him, no matter what, we have to help him. 26. July last year I got a phone call, Spidi was not at the entrance. This surprised me, because he was always very punctual and my wife, Mary, José had joked a half-hour with him. I sent someone to cart his living, since they found him.”


“Of 1920, we had elephants, they were Tradition for us. We have decided four years ago to renounce it, was a voluntary decision on our part. The Asian elephants are threatened with extinction, it is allowed to be imported for some time, no more. Again, have all of the Zoos for a breeding program, as our children’s zoo. We had two elephants in the program. As for the young aunts and grandmothers are almost more important than the mother, we have brought all to Rapperswil. When it comes to animals has also changed on the part of the audience much. They wanted to see, 40 years ago, monkeys and dogs in Skirts, today it is the natural beauty of an animal that fascinates, and movement in nature.”


“Louis was with us agree to disagree, since we have separated us. He has not always spoken in the press about the family noise. As he went twice with his own circus, broke, and improved the press, then also some of his statements. We have years of no contact.”

The dressage professional Louis Knie took over in 1993, the national circus in Austria, went bankrupt, and became a social event. In the meantime, he emigrated to the United States.


“It is enormous what has been done, the jubilee program and you weight loss. I was busy in the past few years. Well, you got kids, which I’m very happy, but they had no impetus to do something about your excess weight. As you take off has begun and I in January said that she wants to occur again this year, I had tears in my eyes, it was a crazy moment for me.”


“The epithet is a tribute to my father. He was on Fredy Knie senior, I’m Junior. Sammy Davis Jr. had the addition of even up to his death at 64.”

Princess Stephanie

“she loves the circus. Three times a year you visited us and would like to always be in a living life, never in a Hotel. What did you and your father made generally for the circus, is enormous. You have set the profile internationally. I wish you would not write to her constantly that she is the Ex of my cousin Franco, because it is so long ago. But I also understand that it happens, that is just the Boulevard.”


“I read the Bible daily. Most of the weather and the sports, primarily athletics and riding are of interest to me. Otherwise I like a lot of stories, except when the blood flows. I read the newspaper, Apps, I generally have no. With the journalists, I have a good relationship. The articles are fair written, sometimes are exaggerated lines or stories. Once a Zuccolinis dog, the suffering would you feel it through the leash, as I got to the head. The quality of the content, however, is increased significantly. As the knee VIEW-publisher Ringier is a traditional family company with the claim, always develop. We do both, and we celebrate together.”

the Europe-wide well-known circus dynasty was Founded already in 1803 by Friedrich knees. However, the first performances under a tent roof took place in 1919, in Bern. Today, the seventh Generation, with Géraldine, Franco, Jun., and Doris, the Circus Knie, supported by the fathers Fredy Jr. and Franco, Sr., The eighth Generation of the Ivan Frederic, Chris, Rui and Chanel Marie already in the ring. The company is a hundred percent family-owned and employs around 230 employees. The anniversary tour in 2019 power in 33 cities, the artistic direction of Géraldine knee.

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