Find a place where there is more space for the run, sounds the call from the authorities due to coronakrisen.

Joggers on Frederiksberg and in Copenhagen the upcoming time skip Frederiksberg Have.

instead, one must run a trip, for example, in Søndermarken, where there is more space.

It is the call of the Slots and the Danish agency for culture, Copenhagen Municipality and the Copenhagen Police, as of Friday, to introduce a temporary stop for runners in the garden.

There is not a ban, in which case they could trigger fine, says.

Niels Mellergaard, there is slotshavechef in the Slots and the Danish agency for culture, says that the measure comes in order to make room for the large number of guests in the garden.

We are experiencing in these times, that very many frederiksbergere and locals have great pleasure to use the green space as the Frederiksberg Garden is.

– But we may also note that the increased pressure in the here and now is not compatible with the many joggers on the narrow paths. For we must all follow the authorities ‘ instructions to keep two meters distance to each other, he says in the message.

to make aware of the new measures have the agency put up signs at all the entrances to the Frederiksberg Garden.

in Addition, in the course of the day to be guards from the garden to the present, which, together with the traffic wardens from the city of Frederiksberg supervisor guests.

at the same time, has introduced the unification of all the paths in the Park, where runners now refer to. The same is, for example, seen around the Lakes in Copenhagen.

police commissioner Anne Tønnes in the Copenhagen Police says that the operation is necessary in order to stop the spread of infection with corona virus.

– the Vast majority of citizens abide by the authorities ‘ directions and keep the distance. But we see, unfortunately, still a few examples of areas where many people are gathered close, for example, the Frederiksberg Garden.

– It increases the spread of infection and must be stopped. It is absolutely essential that we all take responsibility here, therefore, is my request clear: now Remember to keep distance and search elsewhere, if you are In areas with many people, she says in the message.

the Rules for joggers, Frederiksberg will apply as long as the authorities recommend that you keep the distance.