The last of the Belgian triathlon, Frederik van Lierde (40 years old) in Belgium is a new one, and his own race in his home-town Feel. The former world champion and sports personality of the Year 2013 will be announced Tuesday. The olympic distance triathlon on the half distance with 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21-kilometer run will take place on the 13th of september.

“Originally, it was the last triatlonwedstrijd in my career, but the corona virus decides to have a different opinion and, of course, I go for the other international matches in October and november to do so. It is not a ball-game or a benchmark, but a real toprace on a beautiful course,” said Van Lierde.

The 1.9 km swim will be taken in the River, to be followed by 3 rounds of 30 kilometers, which is also a part of the finale of Gent-Wevelgem is to be processed. In the final half of the marathon runs through the center of the city of faith and is on the athletics track of the Vaubanstadion. “The city is Consider to have me contacted and asked if I saw her sit down to do it. It has been exactly 25 years since the PA took place, in Mean, for me, that was the time when I was in triatlonsport’m going to keep it. I hope that there will be a mass of people to come. The Belgian fans have given me over the past few years, very little of the work can be seen in our own country, I will do the same for them. Our hope is that everything will continue, and the spread of the corona virus is not a spanner in the works. The 13th of september, it is still far enough away. If the race would be canceled, the of people, of course, is their money-back.”

as of 20 days ago, the blasted Van Lierde, on a trainingsritje in Spain’s Girona airport on his bicycle, through the rear window of a car. “I think I still have a wound on my head, but for the rest, I’m physically fine. I’m very lucky that my helmet has saved my life. I’ve been back to working out. The Belgian this moment, I do not have too much trouble. As a triathlete, you’ve been used to for long periods of time just to work out a long-term goal. I was able to walk and bike, and to my zwemtrainingen, I can go to one of the swimming pools at the military barracks. The only bad thing is that I don’t know what I am referring to, it does not work for me. However, there are a lot of people with worse problems, so I’m not complaining.”

Modified program with the Ironman triathlon of Nice, but not in Hawaii or a little extra

as Van Lierde was to be his last season, normally will start on the 26th of april, by a half distance triathlon in Spain’s Peniscola, but for a game that is already on your computer. The next races on the calendar, the Ironman 70.3 Aix-en-Provence (may 17), and the Ironman Nice (June 14) – can be difficult. Who is the Ironman of Nice, by the way, is the main objective of the afscheidsjaar of Van Lierde. He has won the race five times with a sixth victory, only to record it. Moreover, there is also the Ironman 70.3 in Les Sables-d’olonne (July 5), and the Embrunman (August 15th) in the program. And there’s still at least one game in October or november as the final international farewell. “I just hope that the Ironman of Nice, you can go ahead, because I’d really like to be that high. If the race for the fall is taking place, I take it, and anyway part of it.”

The high point in the career of Frederik Van Lierde was, of course, in Hawaii, where he was in 2013, when the second Belgian ever to be world champion, it was. However, as has previously been announced, he thinks it is not in the last year, to The Big Island to lower it. “Over the past few years, it is due to external circumstances, time is lost, in the state of Hawaii. I’d rather not. If you go to Hawaii, make sure you have the whole season to tune into them, otherwise, don’t. You then have to choose, I would prefer to have a different game. I also believe that is no longer the need for me to prove it to you. I asked him once extracted, they can not quit. But I want to be anywhere else but let’s see what I have in my mars to me. I would be nice to say goodbye to it at the highest level.”

And, if necessary, continue to do so until 2021? “I am going to be sure not to do it. I did three years ago and decided that this would be my last year, it would be, I’m going to have to differ. I don’t have anything more to prove, and I have won enough in my career. I was at the beginning of next year, by the way, on with my education as a non-commissioned officer in the armed forces as a member of the military.”

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