Americans know about Eurovision song contest about the same as the Europeans — about the music. So it seemed before the release of the film David Dobkin of “Eurovision”. When the first reports came in about the shooting of the movie with will Ferrell as writer, producer and leading actor, the predominant reaction was one of skepticism, which still did not succumb Boris Barabanov.Comedy with will Ferrell — pleasure on the fan, maybe even a separate genre, and then there is also the environment in which American filmmakers are hardly oriented freely. There was little hope that the filmmakers handle the topic, which for most Americans — a distant exotic and bizarre freak-show. But the opposite happened.The most unfortunate caricature of the film can be considered “typical Icelandic music,” of which the audience must judge for stupid folk song “Jaja Ding Dong”, which the characters will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams until you’re blue encore in the only his hometown pub. Despite the fact that in the final scenes of the film behind the scenes of the music group Sigur Ros, most inexperienced viewers of Netflix Icelandic music now and will be associated with “Jaja Ding Dong”. Sadly the Icelanders, whose country in addition to Sigur rós gave the world Hildur Gudnadottir, GusGus, Kaleo, mum, Olafur Arnalds, Of Monsters And Men, emiliano Zapata Torrini and björk, finally.But there is hardly a Russian fan of “Eurovision”, which is not appreciated by the charm of Alexander Nemcova, invented by the Russian participant of competition. The executor of his role Dan Stevens has admitted in an interview that he sketched the costumes and manners of his hero with Philip Kirkorov, and the hair with the George Michael Wham! If you look very carefully, luxury-style Letova that has your “house in Scotland”, is still rather a blueprint of the clip Robbie Williams “Party Like A Russian”. But the image of him is much closer Alexander Panayotov, which from year to year are tipped to participate in the present Eurovision, and yet he’ll never get there.Dobkin, Ferrell and Stephens studied the materiel well. They even managed to feel a strong bond of the Russian and Greek producer of “Eurovision” — the subject of years of pride of Philip Kirkorov. After all the intrigue of the contest Alexander Letov still returns to his Greek counterpart by the name of Mita Xenakis.The Central episode of the film — a big party in the house of the Russian singer, which involved the real winners of “Eurovision” of different years — Alexander Rybak (Norway, 2009), Neta (Israel, 2018), Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014), Jamala (Ukraine, 2016) and Loreen (Sweden 2012). The stars of the competition in quite a clever medley of international pop hits, much more recognizable in the world than their own��tary the winning numbers. And it is pure fun for “Eurofan”. To the American audience the names of European stars do not say anything, but it is a special dish which is the character of Ferrell as a Ghost, Icelandic singer Tatiana Lincsposter performed by demi Lovato.The producer of the soundtrack to the film about Eurovision Savan Kotecha coped with a more complex task than cover versions of hits. His team wrote songs for the fictional, on-screen competition in Edinburgh. Most of them with all the parodic background of the film it is easy to imagine real competition European singers. A song invented by the writers Letova “Lion Of Love” (vocals for the song recorded Swedish baritone Eric Myones) — it’s the Eurovision in its purest form, with all its operatic pathos, and dance frenzy. On the YouTube channel Netflix there is even a karaoke version of “Russian” songs, which is impossible to put down.Russian viewer a long time to stick with the “Eurovision”, the Russian TV execs are confident that the competition almost at all alive because of our TV channels (see, e.g., interview with Konstantin Ernst, “Kommersant” on 14 April 2017). Will Ferrell in the scenery of “Eurovision” — it’s like Adam Sandler in-Studio “the Blue light”. But the crown jewel of the film is not really a duet “Fire Saga” and Russian singer in gold and the walk of heroes at the Edinburgh to the accompaniment of songs of Salvador Collected “Amar Pelos Dois,” won the Eurovision song contest in 2017. At least for the sake of this song was heard by more people, already it was necessary to make this film.