Franz Steinegger (76) didn’t know to LOOK got in contact with him. The former FDP-President is the Board of Trustees of the HIG real estate investment Foundation, an institution of the many real estate in the whole of Switzerland. Also a stately residential and office building in Lucerne’s Neustadt, which resembles more a Hotel. Most of the 30 apartments are now holiday apartments, which are rented from professional providers via Airbnb.

stone EGGER, of the bears since the devastating storm of 1987, in the Canton of Uri with the nickname of “catastrophe Franz”, was stunned. “If it is true that the apartments of our properties, the majority of which are rented commercially as an Airbnb apartments, it is not at all,” he said a month ago. “This contradicts clearly to our Foundation’s goal.” In fact, the strategy he presided a Foundation in black and in the system to know that investing in are not a tourist allowed-use properties.

SPler has a complaint filed

Now, the Foundation has, therefore, a Supervisory complaint in the neck. She filed the Lucerne SP-President and councillor David Roth (34), the fight against the Airbnb Business in his city. The Occupational Pension Supervisory Commission, which is responsible for the supervision of investment foundations responsible for confirming the receipt of the complaint.

The Foundation now has on the books. According to Steinegger the Review is already up and running. “You have collected all of the leases and inspected,” he says. Apart from the problem of the tourist use of the need to clarify the question of whether it should be allowed, the apartments sublease. “All that we are about to look at in-depth.”

stone EGGER shows understanding of the Airbnb business, is the remaining regular tenants in the house against the grain. Especially the constant Cleaning is annoying, as is the Coming and Going of the tourists at any time of the day and night time. “I can understand, of course,” said Steinegger.

Lucerne’s government is studying measures

SP-politicians Roth welcomes the fact that the investment Foundation Reviews do. “You must now draw the right conclusions. It may not be that pension funds will be used to drive the rental rates in the height,” he says.

the Lucerne city government deals with the issue. You want to examine, how the commercial renting of apartments on Airbnb can restrict. The Airbnb Business is the Problem, meanwhile, has recognized you.