News and stories. Complete works I and Novels. Complete works II, by Franz Kafka, translated from the German (Austria) by Isabelle Kalinowski, Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Bernard Lortholary and Stéphane Pesnel, edited under the direction of Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Gallimard, ” Bibliothèque de la Pléiade “, 1408 p., 60 € until march 31, 2019 and 1088 p., 55 € until march 31, 2019.

absolute Classic “, ” classical modernity “, Franz Kafka (1883-1924) has remained to this day a contemporary, and this despite his early death, at 41 years of age, even if his descriptions of the oppression, bureaucratic or man comes to powers invisible and arbitrary have been able to seem to wear on only the monstrosities of the Twentieth century. The publication in “La Pléiade” of the first two volumes of the complete Works retraduites, directed by Jean-Pierre Lefebvre (see interview next page), constitutes an event, including in 2018.

Fertility Kafka

Because, in this season in literature, two works of fiction noticed make explicit reference to the author of the Castle. American novelist Nicole Krauss imagine, in a dark Forest (The Olive tree), a Kafka who survived tb and settling in Tel-Aviv as a restorer and then a gardener. As to the Algerian Boualem Şansal, who discovered Kafka in 18 years thanks to his reading of Camus, it applies, in The Train of Erlingen (Gallimard), the paradigm of The Metamorphosis (a man suddenly transformed into a bug) as the metaphor of the conquest covert society by islamism. In Germany, too, the literature continues more than ever to be pollinated by Kafka. The writer Ulrike Draesner, born in 1962, has devoted two new to a rewriting of The Metamorphosis and A virtuoso of hunger (in the collection Richtig liegen [” Being at the place “], 2011,…