pop in the game legend Franz Carl Weber were: The previous CEO of Yves Burger (52) had to go. He has left the company already, as a co-owner Marcel Dobler (41) confirmed to VIEW.

The St. Gallen FDP-Nationalrat had acquired “Franzki” a year ago, along with burgers and the German toys manufacturer Simba Dickie. To acquisitions, one third of the tradition of the house of the French Ludendo group. This was at the time insolvent, and was in a debt moratorium.

Burger the wrong man

was it Came between the three shareholders to a head? Why was the Burger set in front of the door? Dobler is contrary to the demand of VIEW: “We separated by mutual agreement of the Yves burgers.”

The co-founder of the online platform Digitec describes the reasons for the separation as follows: “After one year has shown that there is a need for many new projects, a CEO with other requirements and competences.” And for Dobler is: “We will pull the Franz Carl Weber, a culture change.”

The new culture should be directed mainly forward. Central a flat hierarchy, as Dobler emphasized. “All employees should be able to put forward ideas and the company to shape – then we come forward.” For him is clear: “Innovation is important to lead to Franz Carl Weber successfully in the future.” The services for the customer should be in the foreground.

Franz Carl Weber, things are moving

Since the share’s Acquisition a year ago has cracks in the new leadership, many of the projects: Thus, time was created in a record, a new Central warehouse, the picture since this summer, the Foundation for the logistics. 18 stores and the online shop benefit. Specifically this is being expanded greatly at the Moment.

“We were able to maintain sales at around 50 million Swiss francs,” says Dobler. Financially the game has traders were stabilized so. One in ten toys in Switzerland will be sold today from Franz Carl Weber. And yet, Dobler expects to close the current year with a loss: “We are investing very much in the long-term development.” Until next year back in the black is to be written.

Who now leads the “Franzki”?

The search for a new CEO. At the Moment, Benno Gmür have taken over the office on an interim basis, as Dobler says. On Burger’s successor, he wants to make now no details yet. Only one thing is clear: He himself is not the managing Director. This is the time for the lack simply.

His share of one-third has sold burgers to Dobler and Simba Dickie. The two owners are newly involved in 50 per cent. The purchase price Dobler holds up under the lid. Not so his Vision: “I want the children’s eyes begin to Shine again, when you hear the name Franz Carl Weber.” An ambitious goal for an ambitious business man. (bro/SDA)