Frankfurt/Wiesbaden – The number of Corona-Infected in the state of Hesse is on the rise. “The Situation is still manageable”, says Prof. Ralf Kieslich (49), Medical Director of the Helios, Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken in Wiesbaden. The emphasis is on “yet”.

The clinic is increasing Numbers. Just like Dr. Ulrich rice man (59), crisis management team-head of the Markus-hospital in Frankfurt. Rice man: “I expect a strong wave, which can be maybe one more week to wait.”

The Helios clinic currently has nine confirmed Corana cases. In the Markus-hospital, nine Corona-Infected. A is healthy again, will be released soon.

Dr. Ralf Kieslich in the entrance area of the Helios-clinic photo: Springer SE

the Rhine-main clinics are in a key point: you will feel well prepared. Kieslich: “Even now, if a bigger wave is coming our way, we will be able to execute well.”

clinics to increase capacity – particularly around the topic of respiration. Prof. Kieslich: “we Normally have beds 24 Ventilation. We plan to go up to 69 increase.“ Dr. rice man: “We had beds earlier eleven Ventilation. Now we can ventilate up to 29 patients.“

Kieslich: “The most Important thing is you have enough oxygen supply, antipyretic measures and to ventilate in the worst case. A real therapy against the Coronavirus, there is not.“