The presenter Frank Elstner is ill in Parkinson’s disease. He got the diagnosis three years ago, said Elstner in an Interview with the weekly newspaper “die Zeit”.

“Except my family and my best friend, I have told it yet to anyone.” Now and again he will feel a muscle, neck and back pain, he explained. “I’m trying to take the thing as light as possible, and not sink into self-pity,” said Elstner, as a presenter of shows like “Wetten, dass..?”, “Do you understand Fun?” and “Monday painter,” to an audience of millions.

anger at the disease, he does not feel “at all,” said Elstner, who has only recently made its 77. Celebrated the birthday. “I have many friends who have previously died – why should I have as fury? Every year that comes now, is for me a bonus year.”

Only the reactions of the people of the Entertainer’s afraid: “what I fear is, that in the future, everyone looks at the Restaurant, whether I’m shaking already,” said Elstner. “I hope that a certain degree of naturalness finds its way: I’m shaking.”

Parkinson’s is a nervous motor disorder, which particularly affects older people. The cause of the shaking palsy disease referred to the death of nerve cells in the brain. You then produce dopamine more, with the help of which the body normally controls movements.