“My income decreased to zero. I must now eat my savings and what I laid on my back as a retirement pension. Four weeks ago, we have calculated how old I may be, but now every month for a year less. We have planned as a family now so that we will have for the next year, no more income, and what that would mean then. To calm just for us,” said Busemann in an Interview with “SPOX”.

The Corona-crisis attracts more and more circles. For Busemann, who for many years as a presenter and motivational speaker on the go, the Sport-revenue from the TV for the most part. The 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, had planned the Dortmund already, but this season’s highlight seems to stand shortly before the displacement.

Busemann expected long Pause

Typically, Busemann works at major athletics Events – as of 2018 at the European Championships in Berlin as an expert for Public television, where he is booked as a freelancer. At the Moment, is nothing but. “You always have this hope that we will eventually see in the near future, the light at the end of the tunnel. But if we are honest, we know that this will not happen in the next few months.”

Busemann assumes that this condition will long continue. “But although I know, it hurts still, then, when a cancellation for the June clean-flutters. All people, all industries are affected – it is really bad. How silly it was at the beginning of the review still. The children can’t stay in it, we said. Now everyone knows: Yes, you can, of course.”

Ex-decathlete puts on Instagram-to know Account

Who Busemann, knows that he is an absolute Optimist. “But a sober assessment of the facts, no Olympic games of course in the summer. I need to listen only to a recognized virologists like Professor Drosten of the Charite, then I know. And one thing is also clear: there Would be the Olympic games, you would pick up in the decathlon with only 8300 points, Gold. Because currently no one to train and prepare. All athletes race home to the kitchen table, which has to do with reasonable Training, nothing.”

pass the boredom in times of Corona-crisis to lay down Busemann’s own Instagram channel where he shows what he makes in the own four walls. “I’ve always avoided because I had no desire to outrage, and the like. But I thought that now might be a great time of people to vaccinate may be less dam. Therefore, I’ll try that now.” The crazy career of groß Kreutz: at the age of seven, the first BVB-duration map PCP, The crazy career of groß Kreutz: at the age of seven, the first BVB-duration of map



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