Yes, now what? Should a member of the Green party a seat in the state government – in this case, of course, a woman? In the can: The Greens have strength in Parliament recently, “the Federal Council”, the women anyway, you keep about 40 percent of the seats. The ancient magic formula, the magic of the New missing wrap-around: the World.

As it was in 1959, when the magic formula was invented? The composition of the Federal Council was made up of the Parliament mandates, to calculate: 26% PLC 24% FDP, 23 percent KCVP (now CVP), 12 percent of the German civil code (now SVP), which showed two-two-two-one: the still-valid key – apart from the small adjustment to the strength of the SVP, which has, in the meantime, instead of the CVP on two seats in the Federal Council room.

it was that simple, it’s that easy. It was so easy, was it so easy? No, the arithmetic faking this just. It was a historic moment of Swiss history, not a mathematical maneuver: The social democracy was incorporated sixty years ago, in the collegial government. With the working-class movement, among the core of the trade unions.

These historical forces had changed in Switzerland, with their Fight for social justice, the liberation of the ordinary citizens of social Fears. Not least, they modernized the economy, which had to develop under the political pressure from the Left to the social market economy.

Yes, the modern Switzerland is the result of social-democratic trade Union company policy. Which was not without a willingness to compromise with the bourgeois forces are conceivable, in particular, of the Christian Democrats. Made in 1959, the magic formula is possible, the bourgeois tendencies of the labor movement in the best sense. The proletarians, the socialists, the Comrades became citizens: Citoyennes and Citoyens – the most advanced civil power in Switzerland.

This view Count is not enough to justify a green seat in the government College. Rather, the question is: What the Greens have politically to show for it except an impressive electoral victory?

their history is young. Your theme as well. They are just fashion. Not only in Switzerland, in Europe, in the whole of the Western world. The Hype reached its peak with the speech of the 16-year-old Greta Thunberg in front of the UN. Since then, the color of the world is Green the rescue. The children’s movement Fridays for the Future to fly the hearts of the parents. The green movement is blessed.

The climate researcher Hans von Storch, the concern in an interview with the German news magazine “Spiegel” to: “in the past, a storm was just a storm, today, he is known to some as a harbinger of doomsday. But this is more of a psychological phenomenon, not a physical. Not the storm itself has changed, but how we perceive him.”

similarly, it has also changed the view on the green party: Who chooses you, chooses the battle against the end of the world. A nobler political fact, it is conceivable?

On this world, the rescue shaft trawled the Green to their spectacular election victory – as the world’s rescue party.

But what if the wave subsides, because the prophecy of the Apocalypse loses its power of Conviction? Then the Greens will lose the next elections. Unless you establish yourself as an integral party of change, and duration, which means: no more wegdenkbar for the Switzerland of the 21st century. Century, as the social Democrats for 20. Century have been.

there is a good Chance that the Green this Transformation possible. You are a Swiss Green: pragmatic and able to compromise – and probably less eco-religious as the faith zealots in the meteorite tail of the Thunberg-motion.

This means: The Greens have yet to prove themselves. You have four to eight years.

Because of their participation in the Bundesrat is not a math problem, but a political and historical act.