The free sense in the Canton of Bern wants no connection List with the Swiss people’s party. The FDP, in the Canton of Schaffhausen waived on a combined List with the SVP. And the FDP, the Bernese Oberland invited on Wednesday evening to the debate on Europe on the framework agreement. National councillor Christa mark Walder was up against SVP-President Albert Rösti. An Echo then: “hash Browns came with long pants in and out went short.” High school students congratulated the winner of the duel.

The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” notes: “Between the civil areas, a gap opens as large as for a long time.”

“Between the bourgeois parties”? As citizens of a party, on election, the political rivals posters as a maggot is? As citizens of a party to justify such fascist propaganda graphics also aggressive?

The SVP to kick the political culture of Switzerland with feet, was heard at the FDP election party in Aarau. The free sense this is particularly, because the political culture of Switzerland is free of direction. However, in the sense of the word. Not in the sense of the party that has in the past 25 years, the state of their public policy Ur-philosophy a humiliating shoulder-to-shoulder with the nationalist-reactionary SVP sacrificed. “Backpack party” had to leave the once-proud guarantor of civic virtues call: they had subjected themselves to the billions SVP-owners to programmatic recognition admiringly and serving.

there Is a prouder political term as a “Swiss-free sense”? There was a more pathetic picture than this free sense the hand of an oligarch?

The depth in the case of the FDP, had disastrous human consequences: The party of the Swiss economy, lost their intellectual, cultural profile, which was embodied not long ago, by members of Parliament such as Petit Pierre, Tschopp, Schoch, mill man, Bonny, Barchi, Salvioni, Generali, Segond, Kopp, Steinegger, rich, Rhinow – to name just a few.

you sass group President, Ulrich Bremi, a Bismarck of the Swiss economy, powerful and curious. The thinker and Debater among his party friends, he called “my border fortifications”.

But the limits were. To the right.

it Is now different again? It should, if the want to be free to find meaning, finally, in his historical role. Because the country needs to be emancipated FDP. It has even urgently necessary. The problems of globalization
require policy responses – in a truly civil design.

Switzerland is in need of lead-free mind!

In the case of the FDP are seen in the fact that heads to that of the intellectual-cultural Tradition of the lesser extent, the free of the Eighties and nineties remember: mark Walder, Wehrli, Hiltpold, Damian Müller, Walti, Merlini, Dobler. Switzerland is in need of radical heads in the classic sense, because she needs the creative dispute: under the opponents – not enemies.

the free sense of the turn of the free mind?