Franjo Pooth (51) has no more desire to Social Media. As the businessman reveals in a Couple of Interview with Verona (51), is he the Instagram-profile of his wife mightily against the grain. Not because he finds the many Bikini photos of Verona too revealing, or the shallow promotional appearances may be said to have anything Good. But the entrepreneur simply has no more desire to stand behind the camera.

The celebrity Couple got it in the ZDF-show “people today” in the hair. “I don’t always have to do a lot of photos, always volunteer,” said Franjo in front of the camera. The theme for Verona is a tricky one, showed in your response. Because the TV-woman ranted: “So, I could now knock off with the micro on it, because Franjo is so unruly.”

“So you’re quiet now.”

The 51-Year-old did not let himself be intimidated but. “I think it’s so horrible! Should I say it? I think it’s so horrible,” he quipped against his wife. The had finally enough and ordered: “So, you’re quiet now.” The 51-Year-old but had no desire to have her mouth prohibit. Instead, Franjo top it again: “And at each corner I should record something!”

you may need to setup the Fans of Verona Pooth so soon, less pictures of your idol. But Verona has the arguments on your side. Finally, they earned with various advertising deals, good money on the photo platform. As soon as the flood of images is not likely to end so. (klm)