pop singer Francine Jordi (42) is at home and talks about hope and love. It is your first digital Interview. In the Background is the dog barking occasionally. In the garden the birds do not build nests. Everything is quite normal. Almost.

Francine Jordi: It is a much quieter life. I learn, with the uncertainty of the deal and me even more with myself to deal. Finally, I also feel, what I need in my life really. It is amazing little. So I see the crisis as an opportunity.

I’m going down my life completely. 25 concerts I had to cancel already. I read a lot, meditate, and sing. The neighbors can hear me practicing more often now (laughs). I’m barely out of the house, and if, then only with my Labrador Theo. I shop only once per week, then I’ll bring something to my parents, both 74. To my sisters – the older Tanja has four children of school age – I have only over the phone contact.

It’s all so absurd. When I watch the news, then I think the world is going to end. I watch Theo Play, or see how the birds build their nests in the garden, then the world seems perfectly in order. From nature I draw strength, which for me is positive energy.

Yes, as a risk patient, I learned to protect myself. This is a benefit to me even now. And I’ve learned that fear is no good Advisor. The head also needs to be free once Corona. When I did the chemotherapy, I didn’t deal me all the time what could make for side-effects in me are noticeable. It would be immediately created images in my head that would delete been. This is my setting: I am working only with problems, if they are tangible, and not worry in advance.

thank you! The Show was also very emotional for me and has been incredibly Fun, but my home is still the best seller. Excursions into other Genres – classical music, to the Swing I have made again and again. And “tear” was, at the time, as a pop song is also new territory for me. I build these Songs ever again in my program.

Yes, we have all still in very close contact, whatsappen each other almost every day. This is the Best part of this show: I’ve got six new friends. Your warmth is incredible.

a time for Everything, even love. I’m waiting until my butterflies to fly. A relationship you can’t force.

I want the responsibility for my happiness, not my life partner, which I have to do for me. I’m not for my happiness, and my life – my Partner.

It has nothing to do with it, that is picky. Rather with experience. I have collected many of them, and always know better what I want and what’s good.

I expect no consideration, in a relationship, I wish for unconditional love. A man must also accept my quirks. But I am also ready to do the Same in return.

I am today in a completely different place. So from 30, I started to find my center. Since I’ve made a huge experience. I was more relaxed, but also certain, this in respect to my career planning. I’ll check today if something for me is consistent.

I’ve just brought the title of “Mon Chéri” out of a cover version of DJ Antoine. I am now curious myself, what life with me. At the Moment, I play music, especially with my family. Recently, we have sung as the Italians together in the garden. A wonderful idea.

Honestly do not even. I know at the Moment, what is really important for me. Travel plans are not a priority.

I very much hope! The last new year’s eve show was in the whole of Europe a great success! If all went through a tough time, it can act as a consignment basis, and a lot of pleasure bring. The next new year’s eve is sure to be very special. He will have a Chance to start in a completely different, hopefully for many a happier year with new possibilities and insights.

is The hit started in your home

Francine Jordi as a 10-to sing for Years, and later studied singing and piano at the Conservatory in neuchâtel. In 1998, she won the title of “the fire of longing” at the “Grand Prix of folk music” in the first place and launched a great career. Francine Jordi (42) was married to Ex-professional cyclist Tony Rominger (59), and later with dialect singer Florian Ast (44) in a relationship. Their CD “Lago Maggiore” a rose in the first week at # 1 on the Swiss charts. In April 2018, it was announced that she suffered from breast cancer. Today, Jordi is cancer-free.