Francine Jordi (41) and DJ Bobo (50) are in the current Swiss Special of “Understand Fun?” (SRF 1, 20.10) as a decoy. Bobo, for the second Time in a case, for Francine it is a Premiere. In a “prepared” broadcast of “The Monday painters” in Guido Cantz (47) “Explosive”presenter Kamilla Senjo (44) on the ice.

“For me, it was really difficult, someone clean not to be published, I knew that I didn’t know how he will react,” says Jordi. To say that “the untruth and to be mean I’m not really,” she says, laughing.

is Not the only well-known Swiss

But Senjo have forgiven her immediately. “Between us there is no resentment, on the contrary. I promised her to visit you, if I gastiere the next Time you are in your hometown of Leipzig.” Basically, Jordi, “do you Understand Fun love?” hot and intimately. “I’m always reminded of my Childhood, as I was on Saturday with the whole family in front of the TV sat, and used to cheer for.” It was hard to miss a shipment. “Then you couldn’t join in the conversation on Monday on the break and came out weird.” Jordi and DJ Bobo are not the only well-known Swiss who will participate today. Also Beatrice Egli (30) and Marco Rima (57).