France shaken by a series of scandals in the world of sports

several French skaters said that in the early years were victims of rape by their coaches. The most famous of them — the prize-winner of world and European Championships, 10-time French champion in pair skating Sarah Abitbol. She published an autobiographical book called “This long silence”.

Beautiful costumes, spectacular support and passion that the ice is melting. The front facade of one of the most spectacular kinds of sport, as it turned out, hid the ugly underside.

a Popular favorite, ten times champion of France, one of the main stars of figure skating in the country reveals the shocking facts. Her first coach Gilles Beyer repeatedly raped her in the early 90-ies. It all began in training camp. Sarah was only 15 years old. A coach, with whom she spent more time than with parents – it was over 30.

Today Sara Abitbol, as in the days of sports glory again on all the screens of France. In the body and airwaves it again and again in detail about the events of 30 years ago.

“I’m tired of reading in the press: “uh! 30 years have passed, she woke up! How can this be?”. You don’t understand. I’ve been working with psychologists. It is a defensive reaction. The brain blocks the memories of his childhood,” recalls Sarah Abitbol.

In a late-night talk show Sarah Abitbol could share other memories about the achievements, thanks to which it knows the whole of France. She and her longtime partner on the ice Stefan Bernadi were the first greenhouses in the history of modern French figure skating who won a world championship medal. A signature element of a pair was the outlier, they were included in the program up to four different types of this element. But the achievements in the past. According to Sarah, all her adult life – it’s the antidepressants and trying to heal from childhood trauma. The book she wrote is one of the stages of treatment.

“For me this is an important step. I just yesterday was able to say that all these years, could not say! Only yesterday! I was raped at the age of 15. Now, I say this, and I’m not ashamed. And I want to say to other victims: speak! You have nothing to be ashamed of! I am ashamed to be rapists”, says Sarah Abitbol.

Sarah in absentia refers to the coach, Gilles Beyer, who trained several generations of French skaters. Through the press he has already admitted to “unacceptable sexual relations” and brought the “apology”. In the Wake of the scandal, Beyer has ruled out the sports Association.

Coach, who is now seventy, all this time continued to work. According to Sarah Abitbol, it has become one of the main reasons for its decisive action.

“I could no longer tolerate that this trainer still works, and it is still allowed to children. I felt that silence makes me complicit. And besides, I wanted to put into words all these 30 years. I finally said things never said”, — said the athlete.

Revelation tenfold champion of France caused a tsunami of new confessions. A former figure skater Ellen GODAR said that Beyer had raped her in the late 1970s, when she was 13. Two-time French champion Laetitia Hubert States that also experienced harassment of this trainer. Skater Beatrice Dumur and Anne Bruno admitted that when they were minors, they are abused coach Michelle Lotz. A team of female swimmers accused her coach Christophe miyet harassment, dated to the eighties of the last century. The authorities have to comment.

“Between the coach and the child, the special relationship, and there is a risk of abuse. Pedophilia and violence in sports are extremely rare. 99 percent of the coaches in any way not connected with that. But that still leaves 1 percent. And this, of course, should not be” justified Roxanne Maracineanu, Minister of sports of France.

And while it exists, Sarah Abitbol raises another problem: the Statute of limitations on sex crimes in France. According to her, no matter it’s been 15 years, or all 30, the perpetrator must be punished.