the Number of severely ill patients in French intensive care units has increased a bit id a day.

In the past day is 357 people who were infected with the coronavirus, died in the French hospitals.

It shall notify the French ministry of health on Sunday evening.

This is a decline compared to the day before, when French authorities reported 441 deaths in the course of a day.

With the last number is the total number of registered deaths among coronasmittede up on the 8078 in France.

Of them is 5889 died in a hospital in France, while the 2189 is dead on one of the country’s nursing homes or other care facilities.

the Number of patients who are hospitalized on one of the intensivafdelingerne in the French hospitals, has increased by 140 in the course of a day.

the Figure has been downward in recent days. Saturday was the message from the French national institute of health, that there were 502 more patients into its intensive care units. In the previous days the number was higher.

There are now a total of nearly 7000 critically ill patients under intensive care treatment around the country, show the latest figures.